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So I just started this game, so I’m wondering how long does it take for the person to come back online?

Occasionally only about an hour, but typically it’ll take a few hours at least. However, if you’ve reached a point and it says the character will be away for a while it means that you’ve reached the end of the story thus far in terms of what’s been released (not the actual end of the story) and you’ll likely need to wait about a couple weeks.

Just started yesterday myself and was wondering the same. Glad to hear it is hours and not once a day you get to chat with a match. I have notifications on for the app, does that mean I will get a warning when my match is online?

I only have the one match. I know it is just a game, but it doesn’t feel right to have more than the one.

If you enabled notifications then yeah, you’ll be told when they message you.

None of their stories will overlap with each other so you don’t have to worry about consequences of having multiple matches at once. If you continue to play with only one match you will end up with no one to talk to when you reach the stopping point in your match’s story thus far. But if you’re okay with that then it’s not a problem.

Yeah, I did get the notification. Even saw it on my smart watch so for a second I almost thought it was from a real person, before I realised it was from the game.

The day my match has no more content… that will be a sad, sad day. Will have to see what to do when I get there. :grimacing:

Well, on the bright side, you’ll know that they’ll eventually come back when more content for their story is released. Although that may take a couple weeks or more.

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And now he is offline :sob: Will just have to save my gems until he is back.