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Oh Alice my Aussie Rose

Is it just me or are they leading to a picnic on the beach with wine and a proposal of marriage while surfing or is it just my crazy immagination


Its starting to sound that way!

After reading this, I’ll be sad if this isn’t what happens with Eve. :disappointed_relieved:

It definitely feels like this story is reaching its end, but a happy ever after will no doubt cost us.

I can’t help but think, though, that Alice is gonna run away again at some point.

I certainly hope not we dont need a female Noah/Antoine

I don’t think Eve/Alice will run away again. That would completely undermine ALL her character growth. :seedling:

She’s certainly spending time in the vineyard

The lunch with Alice’s and Eve’s parents was a nice surprise

It was a pleasant surprise. Her dad seemed nice, but I got the feeling that her step mum didn’t much like me! :frowning_face:

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And it’s back to guys only :roll_eyes: guess I’ll wont be playing for awhile

We’ve been getting updates on Saturdays, so there’s still a chance one of the girls could return tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

:crossed_fingers: Please be Sage, please be Sage :crossed_fingers:

Sage, Susan, Felicia I’ll take any of them

IT’S SAGE :tada::tada::tada:

I’m happy but I hope Jasmin comes back soon

I’m excited for Jasmin (or in my case Kayla) to return too, but I can’t recall her story all that well. So I’m much more looking forward to other characters like Clementine, Dahlia and Eveline returning. :smiley:

Jasmin/Kayla is the model and beach where the head model goes psycho and kills everyone so she survives and decides to become a cop.

And I’m all for Samantha, Dahlia, Eveline, Felicia, Susan and Angel to return

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I remember she was a model and that her mentor was a killer and that she was the sole survivor, but that’s about it. I don’t recall her deciding to become a cop. :thinking:

She mentions leaving for training at the end of her last update