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Oh Bex ❤

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I know it was only a summer fling when it started, but I’ve developed an emotional connection to Bex, and I’m going to be very sad when she inevitably has to leave. :cry: :sob:
Damn the writers for writing such a compelling character

She’s so far the only seasonal character I like

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Out of all the seasonal characters, I’ve only swiped right on two, Bex and Hazel, and for me, there’s no competition, Bex is head and shoulders above Hazel, as I just didn’t click with Hazel at all.
Even though my time with Bex was short, she’s become one of my favourites; I hope she’ll return before next summer. The sooner, the better. Let’s just hope that the dialogue option for a spring fling means something. :crossed_fingers:

I’m hoping there’s a surprise return tomorrow other than Marco/Hugo, Adam/Dominic or Albert/Jonathan

Bex is indeed amazing, she’s definitely my favourite female character (along with Rose). Too bad she’s only seasonal.

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I have my favourites, but now Bex is gone, and I’ve finished Nina’s story (so many emotions on that one), I’ll be happy with any of my matches returning.

I played that route with Noah who absolutely I hated in the end

Each to their own. Apart from when she left me in Alaska, I thoroughly enjoyed her story, and I LOVED the ending.

My problem with Noah/Antoine and Nina was they kept having the mc follow them around the world always putting the job first and the proposal out of nowhere just to try and fix everything was way too drastic

I didn’t see that as too much of a problem. I mean, I followed Eve around the world for less and that turned out great. Anyway, the job in Columbia was Nina’s dream job, so I couldn’t stand in the way of her dream, and she always showed remorse about leaving the MC, which made it even easier to forgive her. The proposal was a bit out of the blue, I’ll give you that, but I liked the unexpected surprise ending.

I don’t know but it just didn’t set well with me yet I did follow Alice. Maybe I’ll like Nina better when I reset but Noah always made the mc second to their career. In the end I walked away because Noah’s true love was the job not the mc

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Maybe you will like Nina better. Who knows? And perhaps hearing a different person’s perspective will make you think differently about her and the decisions she makes. Sometimes a different prospective is all you need. :smiley:

I just finished her story and I’m broken :rofl::sob:

The seasonal characters don’t go away for another fortnight, so I’m hoping, praying that we’ll get one last message from Bex before she goes away until she returns next summer (or hopefully sooner). :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I have to find her again since I reset but I have Eveline and Susan to hold my interest