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Oh boy

So I wanted to complete today’s epic strike… I’m at home and…
I mean… my nearest one is…

Is there a way to sort this? I usually have them within range of my house… and unfortunately I’ve run out of data…

I guess I can’t do this one XD

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I try to go to the library or even a fast food place that has free wifi if I need to :smiley:


Or ask a friend with a wifi hotspot on their phone to take ya.

Then how did you post this?
When you have no data, you dont have internet…

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It’s scientifically proven you can get a Pringles can and put a USB WiFi dongle in it and use it as a directional antenna to increase your WiFi range considerably.

You could also use extension cords and lan cables to Daisy chain a few routers on your lawn… Then use a DC to ac adapter in your car (or strap a car battery on your bike) and power a window fixed router (Daisy chained) to get to the dino.

Beige boxing


Lol I’m at my house. I have WiFi :slight_smile:


I’ll ask… but I don’t think any of my friends will say yes XD


You didnt say that…

Tbh it was slyghtly vague. I’ll edit it :smiley: