Oh c‘mon!

Ludia, honestly, I complained about it already. Those many epics who just disappeared bevorr I got to them.
Spinotahraptor, Rexy, Ourano, Sino…really, it sucks!!

I drove the whole day from one city to another and then I walked many kilometers and found only a monolophosaurus.

Then, right now, I saw Rexy! Now, when I wrote about the Spinotahraptor, someone wrote that it might help not to click on the epic while walking toward it.
Well, I didn‘t clicked on Rexy and just sprinted right to her. But shortly before I got to her, she vanished again!


Yeah I really am jealous of those who find three epics right in their neighborhood. I‘m walking and driving a lot, night and day and I really find it unfair that often I find perhaps 3 epics per week…when I‘m lucky.
I do try to stay calm and don‘t let it get to me, but seriously. I kinda feel like Ludia picked me out to test the consumers patience…

Plz Ludia fix this already!


Epics should be on the map for a long time imo

Totally agree! That‘s what I felt right in the moment she disappeared:

They for sure last at least 20 mins because I saw a spino gen 2 and it was still there when my scent capsule finished… but y’know not going outside for one of those.

Or at the very least display a despawn timer so we know if it’ll be worth the trip to dart them.

Yeah I totally agree! It‘s just so painful that‘s what I felt like in the moment she disappeared (again…)…


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