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Oh come on, really?

Hopefully, Lovelink is serious about updating their game because Eve went offline for a while after only three convos, and I can’t want another seven months. :sob: :broken_heart:
Please don’t revert to your old ways Livelink :pray:

I dont think she’ll be gone for long as they’ve exhausted Damien ,Liam, Skylar and Jonathan

Even if they hadn’t exhausted those male characters, I don’t think they would have left a story midway through a story arc. They’ve probably finished that arc but are just releasing it gradually.

Maybe so but I am beyond dying(not literally) for the return of Sage and Jasmin. The cliffhangers on those stories… :sob:

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I’m excited for all my girls to return (Angel, Eveline, Kayla and Samantha), but the ones I’m dying (figuratively) to see return are Clementine, Dahlia, Eve and Sage, aka my Fantastic Four

I’m even excited for Cpt Muffin to return. I just hope their owner is female otherwise I’m going to feel bad about being a terrible person to them.

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Same for any female but my fantastic four is Eveline, Sage, Jasmin and Samantha, Though Felicia Fatale I have a feeling is going to be excellent


Same with Rory, he came back after being gone since October (for me) had 2 conversations and now it’s all greyed out again. Hope we don’t have to wait another 6 months…
I am not really linking the way the updates are done, it’s either the same characters all the time or they come back for like 2 Conversations and then gone again.
I don’t play any of the female characters (personal preference) but I can totally understand the frustration as those characters seems to be updated once in a blue moon.
Hopefully withe the new update schedule we will see some more consistency, although I don’t really have any high hopes.

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I’ve been playing video games since I was five years old, so in my nearly 23 years of playing games, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that it’s ok to get excited but don’t get over-excited to the point of if it sucks, never happens or doesn’t go the way you expect you won’t be too disappointed.

And that goes for Lovelink as well. They’ve said many times that they’d bring back matches and never do but with the next update scheduled, I’m cautiously optimistic. And now the world is slowly getting back to normal after the pandemic. Hopefully, they can keep it up

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I have been a gamer for 29 yrs and at least Ludia isnt going the route of Fictif yet. It was released late 2019 and only has released 3 chapters of one female while the male characters from their 4 stories have a combined 50+ chapters as an example

WOW! 29 years. :astonished:
I’ve never heard of that game. I wonder how much flak they must get for lack of female updates. If I had to wait that long for content, I would’ve abandoned that game a long time ago. :wave:
Let’s hope with the new release schedule and the end of the pandemic slowly approaching that Ludia won’t make the same mistake with Lovelink. I’m cautiously optimistic. :crossed_fingers: :pray:

Have you heard of The Arcana ? It’s by the same devs

I haven’t heard of that game either. I had to Google it. :crazy_face:

I wonder how long it will take Ludia to release all the characters

I only got a few convos with Eve and Felicia before they went offline, so I’m going to guess they’re going to update the matches over the coming weeks and months gradually.

Which I’m ok with. I only hope they update the male and female characters equally.