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Oh come on


I was tempted to do that

At least the weak spot is speed, but even with Distraction, that thing will hit like a truck.


this the reason why we need the new boosts

Well, even in this instance and other Thors I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like their speed will really get them anywhere mighty. Maybe I won’t boost the speed so much.

so we can’t just boost are dinos to the point that we don’t worry about losing.

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Jup, faced things like this. 2200dmg erlikos. 1700dmg rats.
When will this balance out? As long as I’m encountering players who put everything into 1 or 2 dinos, I’m not having fun. I get one shot again. Even with tier 4 hp.
Come on Ludia, what a farce. For me everything about this system is wrong. You get punished for trying to balance your team.
I’m out. I’m completely done with this. I’m gonna blindly battle my way through the daily requirements if it’s really necessary but I’ll stick to exploration. GAH

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