Oh dear could you please

…stop with the endless “update” that pushed us all to restart the game for. What’s the point of all that, to make the hunting more challenging? Thanks for trying.

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Hey TeaRekz, our team is looking into these pop-up messages. However, could you check your app store and see if your game is updated to version 1.8.38?

Ok thanks, that’s worth noting. It’s downloading at the moment. Is the said issue covered in this minor patch?

I believe our team is still looking into that at the moment. :sweat_smile:

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This issue has totally destroyed rural play … was ok when it re connected now the restarts make it unplayable… not :laughing:

There actually is an update, again. It’s 38MB (on Android) but my game doesn’t force me to download it this time. Last time it did.

The update seems to have fixed the need to restart the game upon re-connection; both myself and my partner have had several disconnects and have continued to be able to play on re-connection.

THANK YOU!!! :+1: (now, don’t fiddle and break it again)