Oh I got killed by invisible dinosaurs and a no-namer



i fought the same entity my match froze for a good 5 minutes and i had an error code, !


after force closing app, restarted app somehow was mid match for another 2 minutes only to be greated by

go figure


Me too! I lose the battle without fight, the screen frozen it and then show me I had lose.


At least you won! That counts for something :slight_smile:


I fought a invisible dude , or dudettee I guess… it was dumb. It’s happened a few times.


Tem acontecido muito desses travamentos nas batalhas. As vezes trava em 28seg na contagem regressiva de escolha do Dino, as vezes trava na tela do vulcão que fica sem mensagens iformativas, fica como um gif. E sempre ao sair do jogo travado e retornar, diz que perdeu na batalha. Acredito que talvez alguém esteja utilizando hack ou algo do tipo, se não for um Bug do jogo.


My issue is I’m getting high level bots just before I get to 2000 trophies. I had 1988 trophies this morning, battled twice much higher then me, and now I’m back down to 1950 or something like that. Every day now for like 3 days.


I’m getting nothing. Exit out and back in and the fight is half over.