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Oh My Dio!

Probably did it too soon, but based on the new moves I decided to level my Dio to 26. The first match I put it in they put in their Indo G2 against it. Dio DESTROYED that thing. After dealing maybe 300 damage to my Dio and taking 3400 in damage it tucked its tail in between its legs and slunk away. Dio then destroyed their Erli and Sarcorix before being taken out by their 145 speed Thor.

This thing is a beast!


Wait til, you see tryko


I have. Mine is at lvl 28. It was good, has been a part of my team for a long time. Dio was a real surprise though.

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Don’t attempt me to focus on Dio I want to upgrade Tuoramoloch first in coop I never use it before so yeah I want to see how it performs in coop

dio alone destroyed my whole team in my 1st battle.

my 2nd battle i had all my dinos finished by maxima.

balance seems far away now.

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I tried my dio with the boosts in place and that thing is really nice. It stomps and throws things and then gets mad.

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I’ve taken down Dentist with Dio. It’s that good now!

Let’s just hope we don’t see them post about a "gross miscalculation " in the near future.

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I mean I hope you team wasn’t fully just speedsters and tanks

What’s more controversial: pointing out the damage Dio is doing in the arena or the damage he did to Black Sabbath?

seeks shelter


If i can fuse one of this what i should fuse
DIO or Tryko

Tryko I’d say is a bit better


People still doing this. :rofl:


Oh thanks for advice

“You thought Dracorats were going to cause destruction in the arena, but it was I, Dio!”


Ko No Dio Da

it’s not, but we still depend on random 4-team selection for battle.

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True…thyla is basically my only counter to it besides my own maxima

Woah is that a Monomimus reference!

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Just had another satisfying Dio battle. I started with Dio and they trotted out their ProRat. Two chomps and gone! Then they decided to get back at me, so they brought out IncomeRaptor. A very bad choice! Chomp - Chomp!! :rofl:

IG2 used to clobber Dio. It is totally the other way around now and that’s kind of fun.