OH. MY. GOD. (epic strike tower)

I can’t belive I won this. I have to share this with you :smiley:

So I gave it a try even it seemed nearly impossible for me. I read about the enemy’s strategy and I made a team to beat this overleveled team.

So my team was Stegodous (20), Monomimus (17), Pirritator (16), and something :smiley:

And the fight was:

  • Enemy Indo uses Cleansing impact (as I expected)
  • My Stego: Thagomizer then Rampage
  • Indo killed Stego
  • Then I send in Monomimus. I decided to use Distracting impact because I expected Indom next turn.
    -I were right. Indo came. And I used Evasive because I expected her to Cloak but she didn’t use Cloak :open_mouth: And she hit me.
    -Then Monomimus managed to dodge 2 times and left Indom with 700 Health then died.
  • I send in Pirritator to finish Indom with Strike.
    -Then enemy Gorgo came in and I was happy because I counted that Gorgo can’t kill me if I use Distracting. But she killed me… with a critival :frowning:

But I didn’t give up and payed 200 to retry. I changed my strategy. My strategy was to finish Indoraptor with my Indominus after Stego slowed her down. Than Cloak and kill the enemy Indominus then kill Gorgo with Stegoceraptos.

So the fight was:
Stego v Indom. I used Thago. And enemy Indo used Evasive :open_mouth: “what? Everyone said she uses impact first. I lost. The whole strategy failed here.” - I thought.- And Stego missed the attack. But the next one hit. Then Indo used Cleansing :open_mouth: She got her speed back and I didn’t have a faster dino… Then I send in Stegoceraptos. Used slowing then strike.
Instead of Indom the enemy send in Gorgo It used Ferocious strike. I used Greater stunning. Gorgo got stunned and I used the Stunning impact. It failed. Gorgo killed Stegocerapto but lost the buff. I thought my only chance to win is to send in Gorgo. I went for Ferocious strike and killed the enemy Gorgo but my Gorgo had only 500 health left. My only chance was a critical+Ferocious strike buffed Rampage on enemy Indominus. Indominus came and used Cloak :open_mouth: i was like no way I can win this. And then Gorgo attacked… I saw it was a crit… and Indom failed to dodge. She died. And I was just staring at my phone with my mouth open :open_mouth:

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share my story with you :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone!


Ok. The bot adapts different strategy in retry… good to know that

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Yep… unfortunately.

Congrats! I did it as well totally expecting my team to be wiped out lol rng god was on my side for this strike event