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Oh My Gosh, Ludia, you can't be serious

I don’t know what’s going on behind the promotions team, but oh my Gosh is it ridiculous.
You have this dinosaur, Ludia! Wuerhosaurus has been on this game for like most of this game’s lifetime, and you can’t even spell its name right???
There are countless times you make idiotic mistakes, but this is just ridiculous. You have a whole team making this game yet you can’t even fix the most basic mistakes??? Are you kidding me???
Seriously Ludia, fix this and your game please. Please, I can’t even enjoy this game without having a huge lagfest! Just please, fix your game, Ludia.


I have actually thought for a while now that these little mistakes are actually an inside joke, like Where’s Wally/Waldo kinda thing ;), be awesome if this was true, we could excuse and respect that :wink:


I swear, they had me hidden for using the word “G**”. They can’t even focus on the actual issue.

I just call this dino ‘Homer’ to avoid misspelling the name, myself. “WHOO HOO!”

I see that Ludia have misspelled the Wuerhosaurus. (Wuherosaurus). there have been multiple hidden posts. Throughout what they have posted, another mistake. I really think you don’t care in what you post. I really think you don’t care in how the playerbase feels. If you didn’t know how to spell wuerhosaurus, you could have googled it, or even played your own game. Another thing I don’t think they do. I mean… I liked the game… but I just can’t take it that you misspelled this, even in a post to social media sites that is shown globally to anyone who looks there. honestly just sad. this mistake and more mistakes I can’t even count, have drawn me away. If you want your playerbase to grow, fix bugs, make the game better, and care about your playerbase as a whole. This is just sad for this game. It just shows how incompetent ludia can be. Trying not to criticize here, but I don’t think you care about the playerbase and what’s going on with it. If you did, these bugs like rubberbanding would have been at least tried to have been fixed. although bugs like the unlimited supply drop was fixed pretty quick. however bugs like the speedtie bug in tourneys, and bugs that hurt us are still here. these bugs and not caring/communicating are what drive people away… If you get better at communication and caring about the game and such, you would probably not have had to have this happen. This is just laziness I think…

Jwa is just a bench warmer

have you tried rebooting?

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I feel the same way. There is some kind of error in nearly everything they post.

Its either an inside joke or their employees didn’t finish elementary school. :woman_shrugging:

The people who hide things on the forum posts, are not the ones making these things.

I have always been against any sort of censorship, especially religious stuff but meh its not my forum and I dont control the rules, so I just hardly post now and post places like my discord and Twitter where I can pretty much say anything lol