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Oh my lord, 1% lottery win


Just claimed my prize from lottery and won this with only buying 10 tickets. 3600 DNA for this is unreal. Still can’t believe it… 1% odds


Congrats! I did try that lottery, ended up with many Smilodons. Not bad given it’s my favourite non-dinosaur prehistoric creature.


What lottery I wanna play lol


Nice i was lucky once as well that reward is so rare


I got that too !

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So did I. The VIP points that came along with opening the pack was the clincher.

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Would someone PLEASE tell me what Game your talking about because I’m LOST!! Lmfaoooo


This is the Jurassic Park:The Game forum. Where do you THINK you are??


Assuming you are here for the Jurassic World : The Game information the “lottery” is the prize drop:

Where you can buy tickets for daily drawings such as:

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I’m felling so lucky these days…


not my day today. Didnt win it

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