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Oh my, we finally got some decent news!

Oh boy, it’s been what, about a year since I wanted this sort of thing… so can I just say, thank you soooo much for doing this- it’s not even been mentioned twice and I’m already hyped!!

So, I really hope the devs see this thread because this will go one of two ways… and having the communities input would make the game just that little bit better- so here’s my thoughts!

I personally would prefer we work as a group of… 5-10, let’s say. We could have a leaderboard for alliances, whichever has the highest no. Takedowns (of this mysterious creature- lord lythornax, goat king, anyone?) wins or something, (using points maybe!) keeping the PVP part. Then there could be a hungry dragon style ‘Earn this many takedowns to get a premium inc, legendary, rare, etc.’ Perhaps a new incubator? This way we have both Co-Op, and Vs!!!
(Never played PoGo, so don’t hate me for not mentioning raids at all XD)

Feel free to show your own thoughts too! I wanna hear them!


I just want the ability to nickname my dinosaurs… And Troodon in the game
Co-op battles sound fun though


Would love skins giving a 1 or 2% boost in something

If nicknames come in almost all of my creatures will have nicknames. I already have the ones I use the most written down, like Tiddles the Death Cat (Thylacotator) or The Death Chicken (Erlidominus)

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Murder Duck (Spyx) and ToP (Maxima) would totally get used for me. :wink:

*I should not the ToP means “Tower of Power.”

I’m really excited for this and I already have a point of view on how it would look like. Think about the Alphas in Dragons: Titan Uprising where Alliances (Clans) battle a specific Boss (JWA: Lord Lythro and others Titan Uprising Ex: Screaming Death) and, yeah, really hype. Hopefully this is a opoortunity to gain more coins and maybe HC or very slight chance boosts.