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posts revealing cheating are getting blocked but cheaters are ruining the game for honest players. The forum is more guarded than the game. Level 20 players with maxed out uniques are not honest players

Protecting cheaters?

I’m pretty sure there are some honest players who are level 20 with uniques. I wouldn’t use a blanket statement like that.


You clearly don’t understand the difference between moderating an internet forum and moderating a game. It is way easier to moderate an internet forum. I wouldn’t say the forum is more guarded, it’s just that there are a wider range of tools available for forums. No different from any other forum/game out there.

Some times I wish these forums had a dislike button instead of just a like button.


I didn’t just say with uniques, I said maxed out uniques. a team of Level 28 to 30 uniques isn’t something honest players have reached yet. You sheeple can believe whatever you want.


Seems like cheaters gets more benefits that we dont. You cant name them, which if they didn’t cheat we wouldn’t need to. For this tournament, majority of the top are cheaters and will get the prizes which they shouldn’t even get. I know they banned some but not all and you can clearly see it in the leader boards, look at the top, they are cheaters.
Below is what I deal with in a constant basis.
Why protect that player?
Why allow him to be in the tournament?


Should not even be hidden, I did not name a cheater, even when you dont name them, they protect them, Haha


And when you hit a nerve with any of them, their fragile little egos shatter into a bazillion pieces, and they flag your posts as “offensive”, even if they weren’t. Sometimes they get so upset that they flag the wrong post! LOL

But the mods still coddle these fragile little delicate snowflakes.


If anything, THIS should not happen. And i hope the mods are reading this. Because it’s really happening. It is a problem, and by not letting us shame the obvious cheaters in our midst, you continually show favoritism toward them.

They don’t need your protection. No one who willingly defies the game’s TOS and continually thumbs his/her nose at Ludia deserves any such thing. On the contrary. These people should be made a laughingstock PUBLICLY. I don’t care one whit if some of them have “issues”. So what? Just because a person has mental issues doesn’t mean they should be coddled when they do something wrong. I have Asperger’s, and no one’s heard anything out of me about it - I don’t use it as an excuse. If I do something wrong, I take what’s coming to me, and I don’t expect special treatment.

Why give them what they want? Simple answer - don’t. In fact, don’t even speak to them or acknowledge their existence (unless you’re like me, and enjoy a good game of thrashing a cheater’s ego). That’s what they want, so deny them the audience they seek. At every turn.


LOL flagged by the community, or flagged by the mods because they freak out when any of us get too close to the truth? Only time will tell.


I don’t mind people getting to close.:joy:


Wasn’t talking about you, ya berk!


Berk! Oh that hurts my…on wait no, no it doesn’t at all. Shouldn’t you be in your dino make believe land anyway?


Now why is my post flagged for?? What’s the problem with it?