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Oh so close

… yet still so very far away, unless they unlatch the cage of Darwin and I actually come across a couple. (On the plus side, the one erlik I darted today was all I needed to make erlidom, so there is that). I still really want to make this guy, though.


What Flyer is the best post 1.6?

Don’t know… I just like the look of this one.

How much Darwin did you have after you got the legendary to 20? I just got mine to 20 and have 1200 Darwin still. Really hoping that’s enough to create.

That will give you 24 fuses. All except one can be a 10 and you will create it.

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That’s awesome.

Now to collect enough Hatz to go with all that Darwin.

Yeah, I didn’t have nearly that much… I already had Darwin at 20, then I used todays event to get darwez to 20. I think I had about 850 Darwin to use toward darwezopteryx when I started stygidaryx.

Well, 24 fuses on darwezopteryx, then you fuse that with stygiG2 to make stygidaryx…


Wait, ok… My Darwin is only L15, which is all it needs to be to make darwez. Darwezopteryx needs to be L20 to begin making Stygidaryx.

Darwin needs to be L20 to combine with monomimus to make petrovexus.

Ugh, complicated!!

Sorry, I spoke without all the knowledge required. My bad.

I’m here. I think I can create with good fuses. And more Hatz (thank you Sand Dunes!)