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Oh the humanity! Why I hate this game sometimes


Almost 15 losses in a row. When your RNG is getting maybe 5% and their does 100%. So frustrating to lose game after game because they CRT, their Evasive works and yours never does, their stun works and your doesn’t… The game is all about RNG nowadays. Sigh… The only round I won this morning was against someone arena dropping. And of course they were a jerk and just let it time out each turn…

Anyway, just venting :slight_smile: Done whining and moaning. Time to give up on JWA for today.


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I hear you.
I’m tired of swapping between frustration and feeling sorry for my opponent.

RNG needs fixing.

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This is just criminal. Just ruthlessly criminal. Everytime I lose in the matches, I always lose my mind and act like a really violent maniac! It’s just not fair that I have to lose to people who are ruthlessly better than me!


It’s a game.

Because they have a working strat?


I know it’s a game, but the RNG is just beyond normal for me. It’s abnormal. Doesn’t anyone have any sympathy for me? This game needs to be evened up so that it’s fair for all of us struggling.


I just started to PvP again just for the alliance and only battle so much as for those 10 knock-outs and the daily incubator. I’m amazingly winning to people who whom didn’t have their Dracorex in their line up. Seem everybody has one and when they don’t get them in their line up… I win. In the case of RNG, I hope for my opponents to not get Dracorex in their line up. I do sometimes still win when they do have “Cheap Shot” in their line up.


I’m very much a casual player. I play for fun. I come from a tabletop wargaming background - games which have tactics, strategy and dice to simulate the random elements of warfare. Without that, such games would not be worth playing.

While I agree that the percentages are often way out, you need an element of randomness in the game to keep things interesting. I know it infuriates a number of players but believe me, JWA would not be worth playing without it.


Funny that - yeah I just had someone get mad and let the rest of the match time out because my Indom RNG worked 100% and theirs didn’t work at all. Took out almost all of someone else’s team with my Procera. I do feel kind of bad in those cases…

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Not ashamed of saying it. When RNG is too bad I just leave and let it time out. Sorry guys, it’s either that or my mental health :sweat_smile::rofl:

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RNG sux.
Its that simple.
Dont need to get worked up over it.
Just go play Pokemon Go if this game is too real for you.


I get it. Done it myself. Try not to, but walking away is cheaper than throwing my phone.


I’ve had to replace my iPhone’s armoured casing because of this game! Never disliked a game this much. In the last month I’ve fought countless indominus and their cloak has worked 100%. My dinos with the Critical Impact move…fail to get any crit hits at all. And to top it off, I’ll dominate a fight just to lose to these annoying swap in shatter dinos…or Thor’s 100% critical hits (because he gets them waaaaay more than 40% of the time :joy:). I’ve enjoyed it more lately cus I’ve cancelled vip, and realised I can still compete quite well, and gain lots of coins, but missus got me to play Pokemon go​:joy:, actually way less irritating

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LiVe WiTh It
ThIs GaMe Is AlL aBoUt RnG
“We cannot change the cards we are dealt,
just how we play the game”
-Randy Pausch

If YoU gO pLaY pOkEmOn Go, BrInG rNg WiTh YoU.
YeS, iT iS hArD tO cApItAlIzE tHiNgS lIkE tHiS oN mObIlE.


What does RNG stand for?


Random Number Generator