Oh the usual rant


Ya ever just wonder how some people have what they have… like I’ve been playing this game for a few months now… I’m in the 3600-3700 range for battles… I’ve got 3 legendaries… 2 I obtained from incubators at 50 a pop… and 1 I actually created… indominus… now I managed to get my rajankylosaur to level 17(one level up from it’s starting point) through painstakingly collecting dna whenever I’d see the dinos which wasnt that often… my allisinosaurus is still at 16 because I have yet to find a sinosaurus… missed his day from last featured dinos… most of my 8 is level 11-14 with my legends being 16 or 17… I’m getting pinned up with people who’ve got level 20+ legendaries usually more than 1… pretty much level 20+ everything… how do they expect me to compete with that? And where are they finding these dinos and coins to level up these things?.. just doesn’t seem legit to me… I get it if you dump a ton of money into this game… luck of the draw… but I doubt that’s always the case…


My dream team… spinotah needs some TLC but solid team for the most part… I just created spinotah today too… just in time for the feature tomorrow


I find loads of epics when I hop along as a passenger in a car ride. I also capture tonnes of common and rare dna. I do buy as many level up discount offers as possible because you get both cash and coins with the incubator. That said, the people with level 25+ legendaries and uniques are either rich, or cheaters.


I see a lot of epics while in the car but certainly not enough to obtain an amount that would get me to that level… my highest level dino respectively is the raptor… that’s at 18… next like however many are holding at 15… most of them are common an rares I’ve just been boosting… my lowest coming in at level 2… dilophosaurus gen 2 haha


Only paid for VIP so far. Car rides to dog park get me lots of stuff sometimes however a lot of times the epics i see are out of reach in the case of now 10 rexs and the only sinoceratops in the wild being too far away


I just recently got over 4k and been playin ping pong in and out of it


Only put $130 into this game (VIP/ OTO), currently have a couple legendaries, and other dinos in their 20s. Started playing this game early June, thanks to a ad on instagram. Currently sitting with 6 legendaries, with another 8 legendaries plus a unique coming along the way. I budget all my spendings, and use them strictly for coins. Trying to max cap both coins, and dollars daily. I try to spend my coins by leveling dinos that are specially part of the arena squad. If I know the dino is not going to be on my A team for sure, I don’t even bother leveling it up past 10, unless lvl 15 is required. Premium and whatever else they offer in incubators is just a waste/ gamble. Never took any shortcuts by buying legendary incubators, so it’s very possible to acquire without having to spend money.

If I do take road trips I’d acquire a nice handful of epics and rares as a passenger. I really only hunt 2/3 hours a day which is part of my daily biking routine. Within those 9-15 miles, I get more epic DNA then what those 24 hr incubator offers. With the new update, I’ve seen every wild epic spawn aside from stiggy and blue of course.

If I could spend large amounts of $$$ on this game, it would just be for coins :slightly_smiling_face:


I spend around 8 hours a day playing the game. Most of that is spent in a car. I have been playing since June 6 and have spent $148 on the game total. This is what I have managed to make for myself and am currently sitting at a little over 4500 trophies.


Does anyone else think that arena shortly before 4000 trophies is already a bloody battlefield right now? I could reach Arena 8 yesterday, but not for long ^^


Believe it or not I actually lost more around 3900-4100 than I do now at 4500. Crazy how that works.


I’m stuck in the 3600-3800 range… cant seem to make it passed that hump… maybe another legendary on my team would help