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Oh, why did you nerf him

Can you tell me one good reason for that? Considering mono is very hard to find?


It was one of only two non-Uniques rated as ”tyrant” by GamePress (guess the other one) so presumably they thought it was over-powered for a Legendary. Anyway, when a creature is stronger than its rarity you shouln’t be surprised that this happens.


“laughs in procerathomimus”




My monosteg’s bad matchups have been steadily on the rise for awhile now. Was already on the chopping block for me. Sorry for anyone that staked the farm on it, but at least try out a replacement or two in the new meta to see how it goes before losing too much sleep over it.

As @Ardens said in another topic…

Does no one remember the stupid long cooldowns Monosteg used to have on its moves?

Sure, but I don’t get where your point is supposed to be leading us (?) Sorry.

I have the feeling Ludia thought they gave it a buff with Dig In because they’re really disconnected with the game and probably don’t even play it.


You’ll still have a move (that isn’t its basic) you can use that does decent damage at any point. It can swap in stun strike incoming DC as well. Its still got good defense and crit chance. So I don’t see it too much as a nerf.

Those that use just need to figure out its new roll is all.

Edit: It can heal now too, so it’ll be harder to bleed.


people just look at hp and attack numbers and say “buff” or “nerf”.
it’s a little more complex than that when we have moveset changes.

so soon to say something, but we need to feel how dig and swap in would work in battles.
a move that can do: cleanse, speedup, shield and heal 25% MUST deserve a deeper look at.
and a swap-in stun+strike would be useful against other certain hated swap-in hybrid with more than 1.000 topics hehehe.

so, we gotta wait and feel it in battles before a conclusion. many things changing with this huge change in abilities and creatures.


That sounds cool and all. Please direct msg me if it’s working out really well for you so I can jump back to it.

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I don’t really use it, so someone else will need to do that for ya. Lol


I don’t think it will be useless like many are saying, but it sure is a nerf.

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It is a nerf, I don’t think its that bad though. We’ve seen worse nerfs.

I know what you mean, and I was originally on the same page. There will be a LOT more immunity out there though. Curious to see where this ends up. Cool set of moves if it remains “playable” at the top, no doubt will be tyrant at other levels with these moves. Glad it will live in elsewhere. It has my full love and support wherever it lands.

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A 143 speed monostego, if speedup becomes 157, making it faster than those usual speed boosted dinos (speed boosted up to tier 6) like erli, rinex, dilorac. Of course erli can regain attack with its own speedup strike, but overall dig in provides some interesting new play style, so I’ll still give it a try before coming to any conclusion.

Most, if not all, Erlidoms, Dilorach, Rinexes, are at speeds above 160 now.

The biggest concern for me is that dig in is a worthless move when you have Thor and the rat running rife. A 25% health regen will make no difference at all, and you don’t have time for a move that does no damage at 4000+ trophies.
The swap in stunning strike might be useful, but only as a diluted version of the rat. Selective use could win the odd battle, but with 25% of its attack damage removed it won’t be that good. Commons like Irritator gen2 would be just as good for this purpose.
So overall I’m extremely disappointed that this well rounded Dino has been nerfed into oblivion, yet a really easy to get epic like Yoshi has been given a massive buff.

Problem is that they nerfed Monostegos attack that now is the same as Apatos. 1500 at lvl 26 on Impact isn’t really threatening with all those armored creatures. Now it has 2025 damage at lvl 26 on Impact.

I guess it also depends on the trophy range you are battling. So far at around low 5k trophies, the erli’s dilos rinexes magnas I face is usually tier6 speed, but on rare occasions when I cross over 5.2k sometimes, the tier7 speed versions start appearing.