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"Oh you're back!" Dialogue [SPOILERS]


I have a pretty minor suggestion but its a bit difficult to convey without direct reference to one of the conversations i’m having so,

!!! SPOILERS !!!

So i havent had time to play for a few days so when i got back into my conversation with Seth there was some of the cute “oh where were you??” dialogue.
I actually love this dialogue a lot BUT it just didnt make sense at the point in the story I am !

I dont know how difficult it would be to fix this somehow so I’m sorry in advance !
Maybe that sort of dialogue could be disabled at certain points in the stories ?
This is the exact moment I’m referencing:


Sorry if this isnt a good suggestion it just felt kind of weird reading the regular cute dialogue at this point where it doesnt make sense haha

I swiped on Jamie instead but i got the exact same “you’re back” dialogue at the exact same part in the story and I definitely also thought it was super weird and misplaced

i’m sure it’s probably randomised but it would have been great if they had ozo getting impatient instead

What do you mean by randomized? The dialogue and entire storyline are exactly the same for Jamie and Seth as they are counterpart characters. The only difference to what you and mildimpala are seeing is the character.

The button sequence was Jamie regaining posession/control over his phone and since MC stopped responding to OZO that was likely his way to try and get you to talk again as saying something more generic like “hey” may have resulted in no reply from MC, who would likely be suspicious that it was still OZO they were speaking with. Characters always do that though too where they act like you nearly ghosted them and that they had tried repeatedly to get your attention when they didn’t. It’s a bit tiring since they also go away for some hours to take care of their own personal matters, but then expect a quick reply to them so MC is always apologizing and saying they were distracted or similar as an answer.

i meant that i believe the “where are you” type messages might be randomised within a specific story. not that they’re randomised across the whole game.