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Ohh okay it's like that 😅


Well one one hand. Your all lvl 18. The opponents are in their 30s.

Matchmaking WTH?


You’re in aviary with level 16 and 18s…

Its to be expected to see higher level teams in their mid to uppers 20s. Even more common is seeing them if they’re not boosted.


Well I almost reached the 5k about a month ago since the update? Has it been that long,anyways I switched my team around and dropped back down But still lol ouch.

Yup that’s pretty much it :wink:

youre the chosen one for losing today.

  • no dracorex or Thor for your team
  • no crits for you ( only in attacks you don’t need crit, eg the Enemy has just 100hp left and a crit is not nessasary)
  • no cloak
  • no doge

While facing enemy’s only from/with:

  • 300-500 above you
  • a higher Arena
  • their strongest dinos
  • Double the boosted you have ( oh your fasted Dino is 130 Speed? Let’s match you to a team with 2 149speed Dino’s)
  • doing crits in 80% of attacks
  • doing 5% crits 2 times in a row
  • doge and cloak everything

No win for you buddy. Welcome to the loser pool.


Not even my Thor or Draco had a chance lol this was one sided from the start :joy::cry:

Running into this often. They must not have enough players. I am lvl 25 but am constantly matched against lvl 30 teams now in lower library.

It’s just off when I was in the 4900 i wasn’t running into teams like that but I’ve dropped down to 4600 cause of team changes and now I’m running into them wierd lol.

I moved up to ~5100 trophies after boost reset and battling was actually fun for a while. Then the Boosted Thor’s and Rats started showing up in the arena again and I plummeted steadily. After seeing boosted Thor’s and Rats in about 70-80% of the battles and occasionally getting pitted against teams with dinosaurs that are all higher levels than my highest level dinosaur, I just quit battling unless it’s absolutely necessary. I changed the team around hoping to see other dinosaurs in battle. As far as winning or losing I don’t care anymore. Ive fallen back to Lockwood Estate and not sure how much further I will go. Once I get tired of the other aspects of the game I will probably move on as well.

Eventually the people that chose to invest heavily in the boost system won’t have a game to play. It happens all the time to good games when the larger casual crowd is driven away by PtW systems that give big advantages to those that can afford them resulting in fewer players to compete against. It’s not long after that the players that stuck around can’t find matches so they begin to leave further adding to the problem of the dwindling player base and making it even mor difficult to find a match. Eventually the game company just takes the money they’ve made and closes up shop.


Indeed, lower library is full of all four level 30 lineups. Welcome to the jungle!

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I don’t see as many dracos as I used to tbh the dracos really don’t affect me as much since I know my Thor is gonna gut em next turn. Boosted Thor’s are annoying but they’re fodder for my Yoshi. But these level 30’s are a totally different thing lol.

Because you are doing well with your team level.

You are in aviary and most of the teams have an average of lv 22 - 23.
If the system has to find a team that match your team level, they would be from much lower rankings.
Thus I think it’s just normal for you to face team having higher level than you because most of them at your ranking has this kind of team. And it is just illogical to match you with teams much lower ranking to you because that defeats the base of the ranking system.

In this case it’s easier to think in this way, that you are just better than average players because they need much higher level creatures to climb to the same ranking as you.

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Sweet lol so I am decently good at this game then if that’s the case,well that’s good to know then guess from here it can’t get any worse unless boosted that is.

I hover between 5200-5300 trophies and 90% of the teams I face have at least 3 level 29-30 dinos. I have one L28 and the rest are L26-L27. I see regularly big boosted Thors but there are a lot of unboosted dinos running around. I think a lot of the upper level teams are waiting for the 1.11 to drop to see if the meta changes. I have 6 boosted and are all pretty low like 2 tiers my DC only has 1 level attack boost. I have close to 800 boost on each just waiting for 1.11. The arenas will have a huge shake up after 1.11

The matchmaking determined that you havent spent enough and placed you against a team of stupidosaurs…that should be sufficient goading to make your team feel weak and thus need to spend.

If you ain’t dying, you ain’t buying!