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Ok answer me this

Why oh why did you take the nullifying aspect away from Indo Gen 2? It was fine the way it was. But of course the in trend now is to cater to the whiners and complainers that want the easy way out. How about next we have a goat battle instead, since it is pretty leveled and balanced? Just take all dinos out and go about it this way. No one will complain about goats and there would not be a need to nerf them.

The thing is … nobody asked to remove the anti-dodge/anti-cloak from IndoG2. Neither from maxima.

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I swear it is like a daycare in this forum. Someone complains and whines, so they get what they want as a pacification. Really is a buzzkill

Everyone was saying the move Cautious Strike had too many effects piled up on it. Ludia for some reason nerfs IndoG2’s attack and definite rampage.

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It is a legendary, it is supposed to be OP. That is my opinion on it with every level the strength is increased.

Then why isn’t IndoG1 OP? Why isn’t Utarinex OP? They’re uniques > legendary.

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Ludia logic makes no sense apparently

The way i see it is that G2 indo is supposed to be better than G1 based on the Jurassic World lore. But it still needs to be able to be countered.

All we wanted for G2 was to have CS taken down a peg. Would’ve been perfectly fine if that was the only thing done. But Ludia made the decision with their crazy logic that a decrease in attack and buffing the move was taking it down a peg. (and taking away definite from its rampage.)

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I am still going to use Indo Gen 2 on my team and that is not going to change at all.


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I think you may be missing the point here SicilianBeast.

As has been said, no one asked for this change.

People said there was way too many aspects to cautious strike, so Ludia added another move to that!
Again no one asked for that either.

So by all means vent, but direct it at the right people.
Those people are not those of us on the forum because we didn’t whine about it!

I am directing it to Ludia because they are more responsive in the forums.