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Ok "every move has a counter"

Prove it.

Y’all go on and on and on about how swap in dsr is uncounterable. But every move has a counter except that one.

Now I issue this challenge prove it.

As far as I know there is no counter to any move being as there is no conditional skills. IE if opponent activates stun activate priority move awake that nullifies stun.

So prove your argument that swap in dsr is the only move that can’t be countered by providing a single move that can be stopped or interrupted.

Because the only “counter” to any dinosaurs move is to preempt it with a priority move… Or have a Dino that is immune to its effects. Or to deal with the consequences of the move.

Which are exactly the same options you have against swap in dsr.

So go on. Show a case of a direct counter that stops a move.

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Instant invincibility or swap in invincibility. If I’m understanding your question correctly.


No that is just using a priority move

Cleansing strike counters swoop 0 dmg


That’s the whole point of swap in moves. To counter an attack that you are predicting your opponent will make. I guess I don’t understand the question then.


Nulifiying “anything” counters instant shield


Ss counters attack debuff, takes the damage but status cleansed

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Should I continue the list is quite long and sia dsr is counterable just takes some thought!! Or pinning for the non thinking counter !!!

Distraction moves counter any moves for high damage. If you can distract twice, they do 0 damage.

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Evasive countered by nullify
Evasive can counter anything apart from nullify lol but true

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All of those are moves that require you to know a move is coming. Or deal with the effects.

Cleanse fixes after bleed. Nullify after shield or cloak. Using distraction works only before the big hit.

So far no direct counter has been given that meet the challenge.

I say this because so many people say swap in dsr is uncounterable but other moves are.

So show one that stops a move that has been initiated

So you are saying you want us to tell you a move that can counter a DSR from Thor (just using as an example) while the DSR is being performed. Not before? That makes no sense.


Also, a swap in move could technically count. Opponent initiates their move. You swap in and counter said move.


Of course it doesn’t make sense for any Dino so why does it make sense for a complaint on dracos?

pre-cloak dodge counters dracos
swap in stun counters dracos

Instant charge stops Thor DSR, 75% of the time.
Instant distraction mitigates the damage 100% of the time.
But it doesn’t matter, goal posts will be moved for the entire conversation and nothing notable will be accomplished so can we just all, instead, remember the dream scene in JP3?


Respectfuly this isn’t a how do I counter Draco thread. I want to know how any move is counter once commuted as that is one of the anti Draco argument points

I think you’re confusing ‘counter’ with ‘block’.


well it wouldn’t be much of a game if you could counter every move before it occurred.


I don’t move goal posts. I gave very clear guides. Respectful y dactyl