Ok guys im having problems with the unique test (AGAIN)

No its not the thoradolo campaign its a level with a testacornibus and grypolyth killing grypolyth was easy enough BUT TESTACORNIBUS? Yeah it has a speed reduction immune and a cleansing speed reduction impact does anyone have advices?

Use thylacotator for bleed and rend.

But testacornibus can cleanse

Even if it does dig in thylacotator will get testacornibus hp super low.

(A level 14 thy vs lvl 26 testa)

But what do i use to finish testa?

Can i see your team and creature collection?

Sure i will be back

Here you go

Megalotops seems alr.

based on the creatures from last time, testa is going to be very hard. Its a powerful unique, more so than thor and dio. You basically have to out damage its healing before it out damages you. basically 2 shotting it. Marsupial lion would be your best bet, but you have to be faster than testa for it to work and you have to crit. (possibly twice)

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I literally used it and testa used devastation wdym its alr

I dont get it why is testa faster THAN AN LION?

But are there any flocks i can use it against it?

If you play correctly you’ll be able to beat it.

Excuse me but WHAT

I thought both of them are weak

at your level only tarbognathus which is a fierce flock can work againts testa… but testa destroy the cunning flocks like teryx


I don’t have tarbognathus

which level are your compy g2 and tarbo?

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my comp g2 is level 7 and my tarbo is probably 8 or 7