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Ok, I need help


After spending 3 days here:

Ive now spent 3 more here:

My deck hasnt changed much, and i try not to blame rng. But man my lucks been terrible in 3 ways -

  • not landing stuns/getting hit (a LOT) through cloak
  • getting my 4 lowest cards
  • going against a lot of 20 rajaky/24 mega/dilo unique and uta unique…

I just cant seem to win anymore.

Heres what i have to work with:

I am open to any suggestions.

I guess ill play a marathon session and record it too.



I’ve had kind of the same going on. I was at about 5200 before this tournament baloney started. Now I yo-yo between 4800 and 4500. What happens to me is when I’m up, I face monster teams that I can’t beat, until I get low enough where I face equal to lower teams until I get back up again. I hate the tournament and their format of it.


I too have suffered through a period of RNG “the world is against me”. I do believe it balances out but I have had a rough few days.

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So a similar thing happened to me … I had about 4600+ trophies and ranked around 250-275.

This is when I guess I entered the “next tier” in the JWA marching algorithm. Started going up against dinos close to level 30 (my max is a level 25).

You can imagine what followed… tumbled down for a few battles (many battles) and then found my way back up to the 4600 trophy count (but now my rank is around 350).

As long as you as you’re advancing, you’ll eventually go up against dinos that outclass your team. It’s inevitable and sort of a compliment… just means you’re getting better. just have to give the stronger teams to tier up and get out of the way


Been going through the same thing, but I started to experiment and I took out my indo-rex due to horrible luck with its cloaking. So I took her out and started winning little by little. I hate gambling with cloak. This is why I never go gambling lol.

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How long is it to take you guys to get matched up to someone? I tried this morning and after timing out five times in a row, I gave up. Each time the system took 5 mins to search, I would get to the Waiting for Opponents to Respond screen with Jurassic Ruins in the background and then timed out

Probably a good thing since I’d be pretty annoyed at losing yet another 300 trophies


Same thing here.

Got up to 5200, dropped to 4700. The fluctuation is frustrating. I feel like my team is a top 50 team, but tend to get some unlucky matches or unlucky team rolls or unlucky RNG and see these giant swings. In this case top to bottom, i fluctuated 500 trophies. That’s a big swing.


Thanks all. Helps to know its not just me.


This weekend was the worst luck for me ever. I dropped from 35 to 130. Finally made it back to the 80’s today

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Down 400 trophies. Sampling of my struggle:

I think im tilted.


I’d put that Stegocera back on the team. Another tank might help some. It’s one of my favorites to use and my highest level dino because it’s a beast. It has saved a lot of matches for me.


Ok, thank you.

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You’re just hitting a bad RNG streak. Your lineup is a lot like mine and im holding on around that trophy count.


I just broke 4500 and think I’ll call that done for the tournament.

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You sure ? There are still 2 weeks left …
Even winning the odd battle here and there, you’ll probably get a 12 hour or even 24 incubator in there somewhere, not even including the coins

Plus the bonus from the daily 10-win incubators

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I’ll probably break down and battle again. But it’s sooooo tempting to just stop right there.


Eh, climbed back to here for now:


I just watched the video now that I’m home from work. In my opinion, it looked like you were playing it smart and doing what I would do. They just got some lucky dodges, and too many of them. I have one tip for using Stegodeus though. Just a suggestion. If you can finish a dino with superiority strike, use that instead of the shield because it will slow them down if they swap on that attack and leave you with the first attack, unless they’re immune. I always save the shield in case they swap to I-Rex because it’ll save you and leave them open for an uncloaked attack. Also, don’t hesitate to use instant charge to finish off a dino. It would’ve left you with more health in that last match. That previous opponent’s Rajak dropping dead from DoT was hilarious haha


Awesome, thank you! And yeah haha, i loved that :smiley:

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Those battling in the tournament. The image may give some indications on the number of medals required. Apparently 4,750 medals may not be enough to get you on the leaderboard - when the tournament ends.