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Ok listen up,

people who play this game are always saying that this creature is OP, this creature is really bad, you have to understand that there is never going to be an update where something where something is gonna be a beast and another thing is going to seem like it lives in a garbage truck. yet no one seems to get used to it.


Are you suggesting that we stop giving our feedback?



The thing is, bottling up negative emotions only makes them worse and Ludia will never know something is broken unless we say something


I can’t understand the just get over it or deal with it attitude, granted it’s only a game so it should be kept into perspective, but constructive criticism (complaining) is the only way to improve things, the better the game, more fun for us, more players, more income for Ludia…


If Ardmax and Tryko got a considerable nerf, what would be op?


What about 1.8 ?

Isn’t this every update and hence why people complain?

If there was never an update where something is a beast and something is garbage then there would be no complaints. :thinking:


Imagine if we just “get used to” every wrong thing others did to us.


The majority got used to boosts, so…


At least with boosts we can decide what we put them on and can eventually boost the whole team. RNG will pick or not pick a creature, and at some point for some it becomes a game of “Do you have this creature or the best counter it has picked? Does your opponent have it? If you don’t have it picked (nor its counter) and your opponent does, you’re about to get steamrolled.”

So far my carnotarkus seems to be handling smaxima, but I have yet to have fought the T10 hp T20 attack ones, nor the nitro ones with my tarkus. I saw a few nitro trykos faster than my magna though, and magna is at 146 speed. But I’m not going to invest in speed on her since she has other roles, like taking out Thors.


What makes me laugh the most is the fact that there’s way more “stop complaining, there will always be a OP dino” NOW than ever… Why? Because before only a few players had OP creatures. With version 2.0, about 80% of the players have have Maxima, so we are seeing and will see more and more of this type of posts, because they want to be able to keep their OP dinos (if they have it in their team and the opponent doesn’t, easy win!). The sad part is that it does become a: “who has the biggest Maxima”, and this is far from being a fun game (a bit like during the “who has the biggest Thor era” for those who have been in this game long enough). So, sorry, but yes, there will always be a better dino, but that doesn’t mean we should stop complaining… Last thing I want is to be stuck in that “who has the biggest Maxima” game forever!


So we just shut up and take it? My team deserves to be heard.

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Yep, I dont think the “thor era” was that bad to be honest and never had a problem dealing with it. I know the nitro ones terrorized the lower arenas because people crutched him a lot with his availability. They could only go so far though, once you got into mid-high lib/early gyro, all the speedsters were faster and he just fell flat.

Now max is a completely different story, there isnt “a point” where he stops being good. He is just the best dino right now by a mile, so there is absolutely no drawback in dumping all the boosts you have into him, as you can effectively 3-0 someone with it if your opponent has a bad draw. Couple that with boost reset and we have the situation you describe.

Right now, if my opponent has his max and I dont have mine, its basically gg.


If i get matched with a 4+ level higher max with boosts (which happens quite frequently), i just turn the game off. I got nothing to overcome the level and boost difference, so why bother. I’ll do something more fun and maybe come back to the game later.


“No, it must be your imagination. The lights didn’t dim.”


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The issue with ANY future nerf is that Ludia risk making Raids impossible. So that’s got to be taken into consideration now too when it comes to nerfing.


Right. As much as I would LOVE to see Maxima nerfed, she’s become so integral to beating M-Rex, that I also wouldn’t want it. We’re caught between a Brach and a Tall-Place.


Tenrex needs to lose Resilient Strike and gain non-precise SS in exchange