Ok Ludia, honestly


I love this game and I realize there is too much complaining… But honestly…

Not resetting the cheaters Dinos is BS, its still not a level playing field if they kept their ill gotten gains.

Its also notable that this tournament was not well thought out. I was at 4100 yesterday, right where I belonged based on my dinos and their levels, Ive gotten lucky and in my 1st 3 matches fought people who shouldnt have been there… So I realized that those same people who were around 3500-4000 are going to spend the next 5-10 hours playing people who had 4800-5000 trophies… That is going to have a major impact on lower end players participating which in turn means mid-teir players like me will stop or all Ill face is people light years beyond me.

I like what youre trying and Im still here playing… But someone with some foresight needs to have a seat in that meeting room.