Ok, matchmaker... let's have some fun. ;)

You should try this. Very nice.

It’s so relaxing when you stop to care about ranking… :person_in_lotus_position:

I was tired of complaining about matchmaker. Tired of keeping upgrading more and more my team and not having any benefits. Tired of being stuck forever at 4600-4700 trophies no matter how good i battle or how better my team becomes. Tired of facing same dinos and movements every single battle.

So, let’s see what matchmaker did, to stop the only reason to consider team strenght: arena dropping.

Mmm… Wow! It seems i still can easily drop purposely. With my weakest creatures, matchmaker brings me a player hundreds of trophies lower, and dinos level 16 to 18 (average). Maybe the limit of team score range.

What if i want to climb back later? Let’s try…

How great! Someone with more trophies than me, and weaker team. Thanks to easy win.

So, we can still have arena droppers? mmmmmmmmm…
So it’s still easy to drop and climb back purposely? mmmmm…

Hey, but if I drop, I can have more specific dna as before, but lost some daily boosts, right?

Hahahahaha. What’s those daily boosts for?
I can show:

Answer: nothing. :wink:

Then, let me have some fun at lower arenas. Good times…
I’m badlands now. How i missed that. I"m playing with mid creatures, having much more diversity and more fun.

Bye aviary. Good luck with matchmaker. :wave:


I think level 15-16 creatures is where I’m going to be staying for quite a while. There is no point to gaining trophy’s. This is just soooo much more fun to have this many creatures to choose from and make all kinds of different teams.

This is all I have to play with in just the level 15 and 16 range and see my fun in this post --> Destiny's Back Bitters - Today's Team


During 1.7 I dropped from 5200 all the way down to 60 trophies (as low as you can go). Then made my way back up.

Mostly because I was bored with the game (this was during the ‘new’ darting control, so battling and hunting were awful). I also wanted to try out the limits of the new matchmaking system.


i did this too… to 60. below 1000 was very slow because players only with starter creatures don’t make much damage.

and apatosaurus was locking dinos so i couldn’t swap and has to kill it. then i choosen immunes that can’t be pinned hahaha.

today it seems harder because my creatures are higher level.

but i can try… :thinking:

I’ll update here. :slight_smile:

@Oriondestiny good idea. we have to find our own way to have fun and make this game longer life.

ps: it seems people that used to claim at 1.6 times, that trophies-only matchmaker was already enough… they were right.

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Hey, how did you drop down trophies all the way to the minimum? Do you just put weak dinos and go to arena while quitting the game everytime? I’m bored with the current arena I’m in right now.

For me the game hanging/connection issue during battle is most annoying. Was 100% going to win and game hanged (on very stable 4G+ connection); and when went in game damage was done … then I lost + lost 40 trophies for this crap.

Sometimes it feels like enemy is doing some hacks to make you lose connection (which is of-course not right); Ludia should really fire all those who implemented this connection layer. OR might those were just interns and already left company. Now Ludia struggle to do anything good with it.


I substituted my boosted lvl 24 indo with non boosted lvl 20 Dimodacty. And had some decent matches. Bro mm is all messed up Ludia already takes too long to respond or react to this.

Anyways, there’s my hero. Confirmed 1 dino can effect match making. Went up 300 trophies, back where I was before I leveled Magna. Progression punishment.

Anyway, not like I’m trying to fool mm that bad as I already loved my Dimodacty. It needs a hybrid… A useful one. Pachy+Dimodacty lol.

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Actually I just figure out, when you are playing few battles in a row or winning them, JWA will step in and start to make you loosing. All your opponents will stun you while your dinos do not stun a damn thing. Your opponents will hit you with critical hits just to make start loosing. It happens to me so many times. Sick and tired of this game. Deleted it.


it’s matchmaker great job, calculating trophies and team score range.
when i reach ± 4600 i start to see weaker teams, and win. when i reach ± 4800 i face unbeatable dinos.

more or less the same way it used to happen when we were in 1.6 trophies-only matchmaking. the difference now is: if i upgrade my team, and get stronger, matchmaker recalculate and make me stuck forever at same trophies. in 1.6 i had better results (trophies-only, right?).

the fastest way: :sunglasses:

-30 trophies :+1:


Thanks alot!

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got it! :tired_face:
fallen kingdom, 60 trophies. :sunglasses:

Let’s check how is climbing back…

mmmm, in fact, nothing changes? i still can drop to 60 and climb back, smashing weaker players?
@Ludia_Developers so bring back trophies-only matchmaker again. :roll_eyes:

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Cute how your opponent is actually trying :wink:

Andre has given us and Ludia the perfect example of why the new matchmaking has failed to do anything to stop dropping.
People wouldn’t contemplate dropping if matchmaking was remotely fair.
If I battled anywhere near as much as I used to ( when it was trophy based ) I would have dropped at least an arena or two. Not because I wanted to, but because I am up against teams way higher than me, and I refuse to use the rat. I hit 5100 back then. Now I am 45** to 46** and can’t seem to get any higher.

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how about open and solo a battle with dracorat?
careful! strong images ahead. some people would have a heart attack:

or the top ranked situation since trash boots were released… thor solo:

these videos i posted, they are really trying. in fact almost all are trying, only some supposedly quit, because i see no moves.

i try to guess why:

  • inexperienced players. they really believe can win.
  • they never met an arena dropper before, and don’t believe the rest of my team is higher this way. maybe if they beat that strong dino, the rest could be weaker (if matchmaker works).
  • daily incubator. defeat 1 dino is better than none to reach 10.

but let me explain again for who is lost here:

i disagree arena dropping. our complaints about 1.6 trophies based system was not matchmaker itself, but arena dropping purposely.

i decided to drop to 60 trophies to test matchmaker system, try if we can play with more creature diversity (if we drop and change team to weaker and not care about ranking), and try some changes in teams in different arenas to help understand matchmaker behaviour.

new matchmaker with team strenght score was supposedly avoid this dropping, but i see it doesn’t.

we still can drop to get easy wins and easy specific dnas. and smash weaker players.

additionally, matchmaker now punish people trying to upgrade their teams, like i show in my other post.

i am arena 8 today, climbing back. but the experience is positive to test various matchmaker options.

if i choose a lvl 1 common team, i face lvl 18 legendaries, thanks to trophies range + team strenght range limit.

if i choose my stronger aviary team now in arena 8, i smash players easily yet (range limit), but at lower arenas like badland was even easier.

well… i suggest go back to trophies only matchmaker and use other options to encourage people to not dropping. and stop make players stuck when upgrade teams.

and after 6 days climbing, i’m finally back to aviary.

from 60 to about 4300 trophies, when i used my main team and wanted to win (not trying different dinos or some other experience), i lost ONLY ONE battle. it was about 3900 trophies, thanks to a lvl 28 high boosted dracoceratops, and a 155 speed erlidominus. ALL other battles i won.

after about 4300 battles started to be more balanced, i won some and loose some. but with more chances to win, thats why i reached 4500 in a few battles.

some considerations…

  • way less dracoceratops in all arenas on my way, compared to 1.6 and 1.7 meta.
  • many people using thor, of course, but not so scary for my team anymore (as dracorat).
  • maaaannnyyy players trying to deal with matchmaker calcs, using bizarre combinations like 1 or other commons mixed with powerful uniques. didn’t work well, my balanced team smashed them.
  • still see some opponents connection lost (or people quitting battle), even when they have chance to win yet.
  • some people insanely boosted lower creatures in lower arenas. like t rex, velo, tricera, etc.
  • it was harder to beat balanced teams than mixed (1 or 2 monster dinos and others weak), except that battle i mentioned above that i lost.
  • yoshi is now my mascot, preferred creature in my team. faster than all, powerful, versatile against many things if properly used.
  • drop my nerfed boosted lvl 24 indoraptor for lvl 19 non boosted monostego was a bad idea. it appears to lower matchmaker score, but its a sacrifice dino at this power. i don’t know yet if applying tier 5 boosts and lvl to 20 (it’s ready to this) would be better… indoraptor cleanse, dsi rampage and dodge (even nerfed) still helps me a lot for battle openings. i need to learn more and master use of monostego yet.
  • that’s all folks.

let me feel how things are going in aviary now… later i come back here.


Thanks for all these reports, I have actually been considering becoming a low arena player permanently for the fun and lack of Thors and boosts.

Basically im going to put together a C Team of much lower levels and just go into the arena and play till I stop losing, and just hang there :slight_smile:

Oh and best of all I get to use Gorgosuchus again, who is going to be on my C Team ^_^, along with Alankylo…or Alanqa depending how far I wanna go down.

Probably no uniques at all for me on C Team, though I do have a number at level 22, but as they are boosted it would be unfair, so maybe all epics and a few lower legendary.

One key consideration is im NOT going to level any of them, as that will make me progress, the idea here is to have fun matches in the same place until my main team is no longer punished for improving!

Might even use TRex on my team :slight_smile:


We should be battling eachother xd


my main dream in this game, except for see bugs fixed, is see a list of all players, and some statistics, example:

  • how many players are aviary.
  • how many is online now?
  • how many is in my matchmaker range?

maybe if there is thousands of players at our range, our chance to battle each other is low.

now im back to exactly where i was before, last week… reached 4680 troph now and faced some unbeatable lvl 27~29 boosted.

welcome back to stuck place.

and here i am again with 4 dinos in team ready to lvl up and 120+ boost resources ready to apply…

but i won’t.