Ok More glitches speed changes


On the bar it says faster bring the Dino in it shows the other player is faster and he gets first attack. This is after you lose a Dino in battle. Need a fix for that one guys, seen it very frequently today


Hey rustbucket56, this can happen if the other dinosaur had used an ability that increases their speed the previous turn. If you’re still having issues, contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with more information so they can take a closer look.


That’s not a bug or a fault in the game. The problem is that your dinosaur is either underleveled, slower, or their dinosaur got buffed by an ability. Look at the stats again and you’ll be better prepared for next time! :slight_smile:


I just had this happen to me in battle, but I know why. I had slowed the dino down with Superiority Strike, then he knocked me out. The turn doesn’t end until you select your next dino, so while you are looking at your reserve dino’s, they are comparing speeds to the reduced speed of the opponent. After you select the dino, the turn ends and the reduced speed effect is now gone… and the other guy was faster under normal conditions so he gets to go first.

It’s just a timing issue, not sure what they can do, but know your dino’s speeds!


You have to be aware if they used cleanse or your slowing buff has fallen off. The turn in which one if these happens will show even a t rex as faster than something however its not. Theres plenty of ways to counter the bugs and glitches for now


You meant to reply to the OP on this right? Lol


Yeah that happens a lot I keep forgetting :expressionless:


seems like the game should know that nothing else is going to take place and not show that our dinosaur is faster when it isn’t going to be when it’s put in the game. shouldn’t have to play this game with a calculator.

quick, what’s 128 speed reduced by 33%…


Hi Ned -

I believe this is a different issue from Speed Alteration abilities. I had a situation where my Gargosuchus was moving 1st over a Utahraptor. Even though the Utahraptor had FASTER, my Gargosuchus was able to attack before. The Utahraptor was not suffering any debuffs, as this was the start of the match.



Hey DarthOnaga, thanks for reporting that to us. I’m not sure what might have happened in that situation but if you have more information or any screenshots, reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com so they can investigate this further. Remember to include your support key in your email as well.


The answer is always 42!


ok, not my first rodeo here, My Dino was my lvl 15 Utahrapter going against a lvl 12 raptor I also have a lvl 16 raptor that I could have brought in both showed as faster he had just killed my common Steggy so unless their are buffs or certain like dinos with different attributes I don’t see how he was faster. With out the game glitching


Did he kill your steggy the same turn the slowing debuff fell off? Cause thats why


Velociraptor is 132, Utahraptor is 128.

You said he had just killed your steggy which has only two moves… both with slowing effects. He was still slow if your steggy hit him at all… and superiority strike only works for 1 turn then drops off.


I see so the system does not update till you re enter the arena. Interesting


Yeah, I don’t think it ends the turn until the selected replacement dinosaur is in the arena.


Hi Ned,

Unfortunately I do not have any screenshot. I did not think to capture screenshots. I wouldn’t even know how to capture it as it happened. I didn’t know it would happen, let a lone twice in a row.

It may have been an isolated incident. If it happens again, I will be sure to let support know.


Just keep track of your debuffs on yourself as well as them and if they used a cleansing move to kill your dino. Im sure this will get fixed eventually but its pretty easy to figure out once ya do know how the thing works