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Ok now its annoying


I requested utahraptor this morning then when i opened and wanted to take it its disappear then i try to relog but still gone
Its really annoy me please FIX THIS


What do you mean you requested it?

Do you mean you wanted to dart it at a event drop and it disappeared? If that’s the case there’s no bug.


I mean in alliance dude

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Is this a new feature only you are aware of?

How do I enact this awesome new feature?

He did state “request”.

There is only one way I am aware of to request in this game.

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Before trying to troll people that are trying to help other forum users, try not taking my posts out of context and leaving the first sentence out. I did ask what he/she meant by request because as we all know there are often people on this forum that aren’t native English speakers and sometimes get the wrong words. So I asked him to clarify.

If you feel that is something worthy to troll than you are an extremely sad individual.

Hopefully the OP appreciated my attempts to help.


I am fluent in English. You clearly are twisting my words to troll me when all I was doing was trying to help the OP and by doing that I wanted to make sure I was understanding them correctly.

You have done nothing to help the OP in this topic, all you have done is belittle me.

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Hey RiverMasterZ, could you try restarting your game again and see if your request shows up in the Alliance chat? Our team would also be glad to take a look at your account to see what might have happened if you’re still having issues after restarting. Contact our support team here at along with your support key so our team can investigate. Thanks!


Come on i had restart it 4 times


I’m sorry that restarting the game didn’t help. If you reached out to our support team, they would be happy to take a closer look into this for you.