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Ok,ok,ok i really did it


So i opend an Epic incubator


I dont get it


Gratz but I have no idea if it’s Arena or Strike tower.


I bouhgt it


Just done epic strike tower
Went with bleeders 1 time but brachiosaurus swap after sucho bleed and went downhill with them crit every time
2 time started with indoraptor and finish them with thor only lost indo
Sucho ans spino stayed on the bench

This was good the rest was crap dna

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Is a Huge achivement for me


That’s what happens when you buy an epic incubator…


Wait död this alredy havet 6 COMMENTS


What DO you mean


You get trash when you buy it.
Also, please add punctuation in your sentences.


It would be cheaper to go VIP for a month.

I can’t say much I got quite a few one time offers.


I just told you.


What do YOU mean?

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This thread is very confusing

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Not rly that Good att English


Say what you want to say in your language. Swedish? Norwegian? Icelandic? Finnish? And we’ll translate.


I’m enjoying this topic more than the game right now


Nordic language I like these :sweden::norway::finland::iceland::denmark:
Well except Finnish this one seems a bit to difficult to learn for me :sweat_smile:


If you post in native language, you also need to post in English, or it will get blocked by someone…

Ef þú sendir inn á móðurmáli, þarftu einnig að senda á ensku eða það verður lokað af einhverjum …


I think you did OK with getting the Stegoceratops. It’s a beast in battle. But I think that 5,000 cash is better spent on 5 Epic Scents or using 4,500 cash to get 250,000 coins. You will soon regret not having those coins.