OK seriously Ludia!

One: HOW DID IT TAKE U SO LONG TO GET BRACHIOSAURUS! ok sorry for shouting its just rly frustrating.
two: So you can put Limnoscelis and Unaysaurus, but cant make space for IGUANODON!
Again sorry for shouting.
its just too much.
or carcharadontosaurus
or Hyleaosaurus
Hyleaosaurus and Iguanodon were some of the firstly discovered dinosaurs.
and Carcharodontosaurus and Eoraptor are some of the most famous.


I am gonna ignore the branchiosaurus complaint. As for the other dinos like carcha and igua not been added to the game; i completely agree with you but don’t u think there must be a reason for it? Like ludia would have added those dinos in the first year of the game if they wanted to make more profit and all so I don’t believe they don’t want to add those dinos. They probably are having some problem with it. Or maybe they want to reserve those dinos for later to attract people if the by any chance (hopefully not) the game comes close to dying.


And how come the Triceratops is so weak? And when creating some Gen 2 creatures it was never selected?
I don’t understand why they choose species that are so unknown to the general public and ignore some of the most famous ones, like Iguanodon and Ichthyosaurus and so many more, but there must be a reason I guess. Or when they decide to add a ceratopsian, having so many famous options like Torosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Centrosaurus, they choose Einiosaurus (?). I guess we’ll never know!

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I have always felt strange about the well known creatures like Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor being this much nerfed ever since. I can’t make it settled in my mind. I mean, for instance Spinosaurus is the arch enemy of TRex even making her bite the dust, but in JW:TG 900 bla bla health, 200 bla bla attack. Yeah, so logical. :expressionless: Also, what is that final look for Hammond’s sake?! “Hi there Georgie, you want your boat back?” :balloon:


@Cagkan_Coskun Lmao


because its ludia