Ok so how bad is Tuoramoloch

I’ll be able to unlock it this week but seems like it’s the worst unique. Is it worth investing into?

Idk, everyone says its trash… I suggest not going for it, because when the best players in the game are saying its trash: its trash!

Either that or it’s so good they don’t want u to hv it… :smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s moveset is for sure not the greatest. Attack also. I just feel like there is a major buff/nerf coming to uniques which is making me interested

It is pretty bad. If they simply adjusted the cool down for the moveset and possibly gave it back some of it’s attack. It would be a monster

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Stats at lvl27

Wondering if it has any use on my team.

i mean they essentially “give” it to you if you win enough battles and can find tuo (which is basically a common for me) and para in the wild.

wait till they give it like a 200 dmg buff so not as high as before but in the middle. then maybe its worth it. i dont have one but will still create it.

Agreed. It is good in certain situations. Also it’s health is an added plus. But no defense. Pre 1.4 it was very good at destroying indo

dmg boost up to maybe 1200.

I think that would do the trick

Does anyone know how to get double the amount of darts like the idgt902 guy above? I know there was a glitch months ago but that was removed buy one of the updates.

Can someone explain locals to me as well.


No glitch. It is from inubators. You can store over the 140 with each incubator you open


Just battle a ton and open all your incubators when you already have max darts. The darts you earn from incubators don’t adhere to the cap.

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Is it really bad though?
It has a rotation of

  • impact + 0.5 counter attack (basically a rampage)
  • rampage
  • impact

Even with how low her damage is, that is some brutal beatdown. Also it will flee with more than full hp if the stun lands.

That sounds incredibly good. I also faced one in middle Jurassic Ruins yesterday and it was a monster.

It was a glitch. It was posted on here months ago and removed in an update months ago. I have been playing since beta, have VIP and I never go above 140 darts. Even when I open all incubators together with darts already at 140.

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Might be a new enhancement/feature they put in recently.

I never used to go above 140 darts including the ones from incubator even when they were full.
Earlier today, I was at 140 and opened an incubator and my darts went to 150/140.

If this is a new change, it makes sense and is more than welcome :slight_smile:

It would make a lot of sense if darts were much higher now with scents as people probably run out of darts if they run a scent at home. Don’t get it how some accounts can get so many darts and others can’t.

I am level 15 VIP and it did not go above 140 for me. I was full and opened a battle incubator, still 140. I did the blue strike tower earlier and don’t remember it going above 140 either. It may have, but I think I would have noticed. @Idgt902 don’t open a ticket on it, you may have a great glitch on your account there! LOL