Ok so how bad is Tuoramoloch

I mean don’t get me wrong it is worth the effort. It is basically a two hit wonder then swap. If they would just lower the cool down for thagomizer and stun it could be much better. I’m gonna keep it in my team for now until I get my tryko high enough

Try restarting your game after opening that inc

It is a glitch on his account. Surprised it wasn’t picked up during tournament especially being over 40,000 trophies I figured they would have looked into those accounts more being so far ahead of everyone else.

But that is the point basically with this dinosaur, Diloranosaurus, Diloracheirus, Utarinex and Paramoloch
You lay down the beating then swap to another dinosaur, saving yourself a round. That is their job.


I knew someone who could go to 175 months ago before it was identified. He could get that high from spinning stops too. The darts showed up yellow instead of white likes idgt’s do.

I agree. I may be a lil partial because I did use her pre1.4. But compared to other Dino’s of similar use. She is a lil underwhelming

I can tell you that I have been playing since beta also and it has always been this way. I pay to open my incs. I also battle more than the average person as well

That has nothing to do with having twice the amount of darts. I pay to open some of mine as well. Anyone else have over 260 darts?

Isn’t this because she was so good before that now she being balanced makes you feel she is on the weaker side? :thinking:

She seems better than Diloranosaurus in sheer damage output while having the added bulk
Now Diloracheirus… Is anything really comparable to that monster? It’s the pre-nerf OP Diloranosaurus, which was as ridiculous as Stegodeus. So maybe that is why… :thinking:

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Probably so. I guess I just really wanted a middle road compared to what she was. But I do like her moveset. It is a cool looking dino as well.

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I mean, if she had like 100 more damage that would be okay for me. But she seems more than good as it is (by butt still hurts after I got it handled to me by that level 22 Touramoloch).

Lol. It is a nice change of pace dino. Something that not alot are using in the higher arenas. I would like to see her more

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Instant Charge instead of Rampage and run would be nice.

i have been playing since the soft launch, and i have fought it a grand total of 1 time. that is going back to april

And it is a dino that is so readily available to anyone who battles enough. With the upcoming event I do expect to see it more. Alot of ppl are getting close to finishing indoR. So it is a good option to start

correction… now i’ve faced 2 of them. LOL… :joy: :rofl:

Should have opened with slowing impact to counter yours. Would have had a chance to stun then

I have had over 300 some darts before… but i opened like 30 3 hour incubators that day as well… but i go over the cap all the time from speeding up incubators. Speeding up a few incubators doesnt really do much… its when your speeding up a good amount of them over the course of a day… i dont really waste my hard cash on that anymore but when i was new it was a cheap effecient way to accumulate dna.


Agreed. You are purchasing these darts just like if you bought darts in the store.

Jesus that guy played his Touramoloch so awful I physically shivered seeing that.