Ok so... Prognosis thread to patch 1.4


Spinotahsuchus can be A tier… basically swap in then out will it freaks out anyone without cleansing ability…


Mines 21, stoked about it! Dont forget it then swaps to your next dino as well. Buffs to the cinoceratops hybrids is great too. Stegoceratops speed reduction has me very happy. No more 4728295 turn battles vs immune shielded anklycodon either!


Completely missing the existing Dino changes in the announcement.

Okay I had to tap a triangle. Never mind. :sleeping:


Im pretty upset about that. That was Anky’s thing. Nullify could still remove it, but it could survive a shield destroying skill. It has the lowest damage in the game so it needed a neat trick like that. Now Anky is just bad, and im upset.


Just some cliff notes from my thoughts:
1, Dot is still not that powerful to determine a win, let alone this will further trigger opponent’s swap in strategy.

2, Utahsinoraptor is more of an assassinator of death squad against right opponent,but could still be inefficient when facing stego or indo etc. On the other hand, pyro’s speed buff is more realistic.

3, All these swap in abilities are only for intermediate meta? Likely but I can’t guarantee. Seems to me that no legendaries above gained any swap in abilities

4, Sarcorixis has gained my attention, besides it’s atkk buff, now it can even be used as a savior that kick in the battle covering a dying áss. IRex you got another task to deal with.

5, Stegod is still god.(dot makes it look even better)

6, Why the hell have they done that on T-Rex big sister?!

7, In the announcement that I brief it: “swap in abilities trigger swap out prevention, even if the creature is immune…”. Since I haven’t seen any existing creature with immunity from the swap in ability table, then it’s safe to say at least one of those flying reptiles has immunity, based on my logic.


Actually…it gets totally destroyed by dots now too. Neither invincibility not cripple will save it.

Edit: Oops, wrong anky :rofl:


I’m a little worried about the Utahsinoraptor, it kicks most my dinos butt, the damage reduction making it harder for me to kill and it is getting a damage boost and to use instant charge a rurn earlier :confounded: