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Okay, boosts: another idea (taking another whack at that poor, dead horse)


Nice. Given the format of this forum, I feel like it’s better for each idea to have its own silo, since it’s a lot easier to see the full picture of discrete ideas as headlines/separate discussions, rather than burying some of the best stuff in a long single thread full of responses to multiple ideas. Needle in a haystack and all that.

Signal:noise on the main board when real ideas are being floated isn’t going to mess up the main board when there are dozens of other original threads that do belong under one, like map issues.

Now, if this was a fully threaded forum, with several layers of parent-child, now that’d be a different story.


I continue to advocate for a complete rollback. I posted in another thread last week: the cost of rolling-back and issuing hard-dollar refunds where appropriate is, I’m guessing, less costly than implementing a half-measure now and watching the game wither. Because while I’m open minded, forgiving, and trusting Ludia’s ability to be bold, brave, thoughtful, and willing to enact sweeping rebalances (as they did in 1.4, 1.5, and somewhat in 1.6), if their solution to boosts isn’t significant (if not a rollback), then I’m no longer playing JWA (along with the three VIP subs in this house; my son gave up shortly before 1.7 because of matchmaking+trophy awards).


I’m watching the thread carefully, then I’m going to put all the suggestions in a poll so everyone can see and vote.