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Okay, I need some friends from the land down under

In the last weeks it’s been a struggle to get the raids early on, even with a good network between Discord servers and alliance teammates.

My aussie friends are always busy and stressed out by the early-lobby-freakness.
So, straight to the point:

I need some australian (bonus points if AC/DC fans :sunglasses::metal:t2:), new zealenders (yes, Middle Earth folks, you have my sword), and those time travelling players, which wanna meet some amazing and friendly players and raid all together.
We got a lot of strong players, and great, great raiders.
But the “time traveling” thing is really a great addition, and… C’mon, let’s help each other :grin: talking by myself, I’ve got a big Thor, a nice Morty, a growing Hadros (all 3 ready to go) and some more. I’d love to help my friends, as I am actually doing on a daily basis.

So, let me know if you’re up to make good friends and join forces. Cheers :grin:

I’m in Australia (Sydney) and keen to do raids. Usually I can play in the evening.

Look for my name Abracadaurus.


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Yes, well. Can you really blame them?

I’m not blaming anyone, pal :relieved: just looking to make some new friends :wink: and I’m bringing some good stuff to the table, not just being “hit-and-run” after we won :sunglasses:

Help, there, fella! Cool.

But what’s your in-game number?
You know, the 4 digit one :grin::sunglasses:


My in game number is #0217


oh its like that is it rags…well :stuck_out_tongue: and you should be hitting up the new zaylanders they get it before us :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in aus and need friends who are online to raid!

vixternator #6799

I’m from Sydney. Profile Arielsmummy #9500

i’m 5000+ trophies player, always available for raids.
Profile: walex #4714

In Aus here as well… sent a few friends requests already. k0rbzz#8346 Going to start working on my tryostronix and paramoloch for raids.