Okay, I understand the special event cluster-bleep now


Looking at what is available today and tomorrow, mostly “garbage” rares but hey, DNA is DNA. But you have Tuojiangosaurus in there, too!

But I have found ONE in all the event locations I hit today. I have very limited time in town and we have 30 attempts so I HAVE to “waste” dart sessions on the salamanders just to justify going around.

Why make the thing that has a requirement of level 20 for its hybrids at such an absurdly small occurrence rate in a limited time event after removing SO MANY special event locations?


I’ve seen absolutely none I’m not even bothering


I’ve got eight so far. Sounds like I did alright.


They need names on these pictures… I had to click on different rares until I could find the Tiajuana-saurus you are talking about…


they are giving you 30 attempts at a rare that is needed for 2 uniques. how can you complain about that? go to a big park. i darted 17 tuo’s in an hour.


Lol its random… i have about 10 event drops in my park and not one had a Tuojiangosaurus :man_facepalming:


It’s difficult when you live in the west of Scotland we don’t have parks the entire place is a field :joy:


Let me just pop out and catch my tuo… wait a minute



So the game doesn’t recognise forest as a park??

Nice view you have there by the way. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t even know where that is I just googled Scotland :joy: I’m just here to laugh while everyone else argues :wink:


No dinosaurs but you won’t go hungry either

I know I know dad joke :joy::joy::joy:


the game thinks golf courses are parks. countless dinos in the middle of a course and no way to get to them unless you are playing.


Fore! (20 characters)


Lol’d, literally lol’d……


It’s called prehistoric birdie :rofl::rofl:


Just mimicking real life…