Okay, I'll be the one to say it

Maaaaybe Carbonemys is due for an adjustment?

Now look, I don’t like calling for nerfs unless they’re necessary but I think the tournaments this thing has been allowed in, especially nonhybrid, go to show how stupid strong this thing can be. What do you think?


I don’t know, it’s hard to say. It’s definitely stronger than the average epic. Although it seems more like power creep since other new epics are also stronger than some older ones. I can’t definitively say nerf it or not yet. I’m on the fence about it :man_shrugging:

No nerf… the turtle is fine


The title should read “Ok, I’m the only one that will ever say it… but…” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You sure? It’s impossible to beat if you don’t have an armor piercing creature, and even if you do, rex and allog2 lose to it when it’s set up.

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I’m very sure… every time we face something that’s a little tough we can’t keep calling for nerfs… everything shouldn’t be nerfed… imo it should be reserved for animals that are truly broken… not a turtle… lol


I agree. Turtle is not “a little tough.” It’s tournament defining, and for many, ruining. Good luck running a variety of creatures with turtle forcing armor piercers and running speedsters out of town.

Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose… I guess for me it’s about battling and being creative against the turtle… but I think it subjective about how hard the turtle is to defeat… for me it’s not too bad

hard nerf, no. minor adjustment, i can totally see it.

It is a tank. It should handle speedsters really well. Its main counters are amor pierce and defense shattering. the problem is, with SV, turtle does too much damage to some of what should be its counters. Dig in also allows it to speed up ahead of its counters.

I also would like to point out that the turtle is meant to take out some annoying hybrids. cough procerath cough so it is going to be a bit more powerful than the OG/ older epics.

not sure if this minor adjustment should be to the turtle itself, or if the whole line of dinos need to be reworked in a way that doesn’t allow the turtle to kill them most of the time.

I’d actually vote for a large creature rebalance, but that’s just me.


Maybe we need more Rending Epic non-hybrids. Currently Allo G2 is the only one, while there’s three Rending Rares.
Otherwise, either an Epic that’s Immune to Decel (that would be a first, compared to 2 Rares) or one that’s Immune to… Vulnerability? That would be a wholly new partial Immunity.


Alternatively, a buff to the Ankys that help them dish out more damage would allow them to handle the Turtle better, with their shields and armour.
Now that I think about it, an Ankylosaur would be the perfect candidate for Immunity to Vulnerability, although they have armour already, so that might not be much of a help.
But if they got that along with a general rework, then… thumbs up from me.

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we need an epic that does close to what marsupial does.
marsupial can kill pretty much almost any tank.


Euchambersia (the venomous Therocephalian from Walking with Monsters)

~4000 HP? I can’t decide.
~1000 base damage
~119 speed
~0% armour
~40% crit chance

•Minor Rending Attack
•Rending Takedown

•Venomous Counter
•Immunity to Deceleration
•On Escape Pinning Strike

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My CarbTurtle just cut down 2.5 monsters by itself in one tourney fight today without any setting up/head start. One of those was a T-Rex. Yeah I’d say nerf it


Marsupial Lion

I mean 3-0 some one with at title and they had allo and Rex

It doesn’t burt what fustrates ne is that other tankier tanks which have better armor are at 25 to 40% which should be increase to make it fair like tradgodist from 40% armor to 50%.

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Or you know anky to 70% or tryko to 35 or 40%. Or stego to 40%

Yes because it rages me that the turtle has armor more than half and the rest don’t

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What even can beat Carbo 1v1? A lot of people are saying Marsupial Lion. That would do the job, but it’s honestly not the best tourney creature. It would feel to me like beating Carbo is its only purpose, and then it’s done. If the opponent doesn’t even draw Carbo and shows you a Kelenken instead, then… well… (I wouldn’t mind a Kelenken nerf too)
I think for a dinosaur to be balanced, there must be easily more than one counter that can beat it. And those “counters” would need to win with a decent amount of health remaining and without relying on lucky RNG. A counter should win hands-down in a proper 1v1 fight. Carbo seems to me like an Indo G2 of non-hybrid tournaments.
K, I can’t say it’s that bad, actually. Just because it’s not the only one that’s that bad, if you look at the mammoth, kelenken, etc… There’s more than one that acts as the meteor of extinction to lesser dinosaurs.

Addition: Or we could do what I remember someone else proposing a long while ago: Buff everything else. I think most people would say these tourney-tyrants aren’t all bad for whatever reason or another, but we know what the trump cards are and everything else might as well be a paper airplane. Maybe just find ways to shake things up by placing more dinos up on that level.