Okay is just obvious at this point

Let’s see tanks are now fodder for anything and there attack is pitiful, nulifiers are basically non existent in the current meta, evasive gets buffed, Rex gen two Is now almost in an event or incubator every other week, indom gen2 has become filler for incubator sales and epic strikes, blue has now been 6 events, blue was in the alliance rewards for two weeks, raptors scents became a thing , now indo gen 2 got a hybrid pursuit, got a buff to cautious strike, blue became creature of the month and a half almost mind you; have Had a weekend event to get indo gen 2 and once again had another event week of blue, and once again on the 29th blue and indo… it’s just ridiculous like rarity can just not be justified at this point blue ias about as common as velociraptor.

It’s like there is a sign that says use indo gen2
It’s a free win!


It’s what we feel in arena, you fight people 300 trophy normally under you but have a boosted indo gen2, and as we all know, cheated as she is, it’s easy to win 300 trophy more with her. It’s nonsense

Geez, just learn to counter it.

So you are saying that everybody can get indo gen 2 including yourself. What’s the problem? Who doesn’t want a powerful dino in their team? Sometime, I’m wondering if people simply want a game where all the dinos are EXACTLY the same. Almost look like kindergarten fight. “Not fair, your dino is better than my dino”

My Moo Moo (carnotarkus) would like to disagree on the tanks bit. She still deals heaps of damage and can ruin Indoraptor’s plans.

Just superiority strike it to keep slowing it down and hit it hard.
My tenontorex and Stegodeus do this against it. Also maxima isn’t fodder.
I agree I’m tired of the cash cow indoraptor gen 2 but if it’s not it there will be another.
Beat the system and don’t use it. I don’t.

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Okay, I’ll bite. Name 5 reliable counters.

That was a joke, don’t take this seriously :slight_smile:

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Oh, my bad then. Carry on. :sweat_smile:

I just really love the learn to counter it defense. It always assumes that the other person is an absolute moron that isn’t experienced enough with high tier dino play to know that x dino is nearly impossible to reliably counter. It oozes with pretention and they often can’t name more than 2 reliable counters themselves. It’s just a method to shut other people up by flexing how skilled they are at the game when in reality they know exactly how OP something is, and love to abuse it.


I got one the noodle himself
image image image
And people called me crazy

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Lol there is also I mean your own indo, maxima if you play right, and Gemini

So it’s not useless

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Nope you never underestimate the noodle