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Okay Ludia, did exactly what you told me

So, you’ve been explaining over and over again that it’s important to level up and boost your team as equally as possible in order to get fair matchmaking. So, I did exactly that. A 18-19 levelled team with the available boosts divided equally amongst them. All I’ve been encountering since is uniques and all other creatures boosted to the Max. And if I manage to win (always luck over stats) I gain exactly 10 battle points. Losing costs me between 29-35 points. That’s so great…! I’m just about done with this bs.


They need to bring back trophy based matchmaking.


No, they don’t. The new matchmaking works fine. What is needed is a standardized gains and losses.

No way the current matchmaking is fine. I encounter one lvl28 thor after another. Of course boosted to tier 6 or 7.

Yes I have a lvl29 diplo boosted to tier5. Because of these freaking boosted thors and trykos. But this is, by all means, not a realistic matchup.
Matchmaking sucks really bad atm.
Smash or get smashed (more often the latter one, of course)

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Hey I know your eyes are gonna gloss over when you hear my voice but …

I’m trying to be helpful.

Would you show your team… Not the boosts I understand keeping the boost recipient close to chest.

But if you showed team might be able to help. And I did show you mine so… Show me yours :sunglasses::joy::rofl:

Maybe help can be given.

I’m here…

These are my opponents…:rofl:


All boosted with the regained boosts (health tier 5, damage tier 5, speed tier 4)

You have a good team

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I will respectfully disagree.

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Oh god that’s the one that annihilated me


Do you have or like any creatures like tanks and nullifies?

I’m gonna guess that shields and dodges and indorapror give you fits?

Actually indoraptor I get with a combo paramoloch- purutaurus. It’s the thors and DC speedboosted to God knows how high that get me

If I were you, I would only use the boosts on the second row dinos of your team. The first row dinos are components of some best uniques and I wouldn’t waste my boosts on them. I would save and use the boosts on uniques when I finally create them. Play long term not short term.

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Ahhh ok. For dracoceratops your edmontoiguanadon is its number one killer.

For Thor’s some bleeders or instant shield
Helps alot.

For both swap in distractions like the koolasuchus gold and diplocalus red help immensely

If it helps any

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Where I am and my recent opponents. Tell me again how this works fine?

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Good advice, figured that out but I till I have enough dna to start fusing uniques I’ll have to put up a decent team. Living in Zone 4 so mostly suchumimus:-( but you’re right… absolutely

Thanks for baring with me :slight_smile: :heart:

If you have the ability suchotator would work well to help with your issues.

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Problem is, as soon as I put it in my team… being level 22… I’ll be encountering full teams of uniques level 21. Exactly the reason I threw her out . She’s one of my favourites

I think you’ve wasted boost on some dinos who are not good enough and can be replace in future.