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Okay ludia here is a way to fix a problem

See when one player disconnects the game should say draw right then and there it was either you or you opponent cause this is ridiculous I went down one bar and ur stupid servers can’t handle that monumental amount of a change wow you guys are just amazing

Like is really that hard just to say draw like is it that difficult

It won’t work players could just “lose connection” on purpose if you know what I mean heh.

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Preferably fix disconnects altogether unless it’s because your own fault (wifi/data turned off/reached limit etc). Because as sixty four mentioned, people would exploit this if they could not lose, and chances are almost every battle would end in a draw because the losing side pulls out

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Try battling on a WiFi network. You might have less issues.

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Lol tried still same issues actually even more than with data

Heh ya Ik if there is a exploit players will use it

Surprisingly for me, my data is much more reliable than my wifi lol. But yes, usually wifi does help, just make sure it’s a strong stable signal.

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How about giving a countdown so if someone disconnected they get some time to log back in? If countdown reaches 0 either the match goes on or it’s an instant win for the opponent.

This issue i feel has to be just be a connectivity and server issue. Stop the game having to download the entire cache every minor disconnect.

Most games dun need 100s to connect to the server. Played the joke that was PoGo, connectivity was never a problem. Why is it JWA has to go through the full login process when you switch screens? 1 phone call can wreck a playing session, needing a restart.