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Okay ludia here is how to fix matchmaking

Look this matchmaking is busted it supposed to take into account team power and trophies right so why am I facing this when my highest Dino is 24

I believe that it should also account for deck level and boosts cause now one should have low levels uniques that are the same as mine or anyone else’s but there Dino is this strong

This would fix the problem of people just having low creatures and just boosting them into oblivion cause then they face opponents just like them. And those who are unboosted and or low boosted can play others who are like us.

Your complaining has no sense.
If you have a team level 20-24 with low boosts you can’t continue scaling on arenas.
If YOU are in 5k trophies you should expect that 90% of the battles will be vs people with very strong teams and not a level 21 indom with no boosts, BECAUSE ITS 5K TROPHIES.
Is that hard to understand?

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Something crazy instead of messing with the dino fix the pvp match ups ,Im real close to being done with this game!!!

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Matchmaking became a nightmare because of boosts. Before boosts it was relatively simple, look at levels and strength of Dino and match with similar.

Boosts came along and it was all messed up. Is the algorithm based in how many have been used, or what they’ve been put on? And does the epic Dino that’s boosted count as much as the unique that’s boosted?

Does an unboosted unique at level 25 be treated as the same as a legendary unboosted at level 25, 26, 27, or 28? And how about an epic that’s boosted, level 30 and has 30 boosts on it. Where does that stand by the side of legendaries and uniques?

Fact is this, none of us know.
And for all we know the algorithm could have some kind of system that doesn’t take various elements of how good the Dino works. I’m looking at Yoshi here.

So for me, I would base mm on trophies alone. Simple.


Yeah. There are too many factors involved. I don’t think it’s possible to balance matches against the eggs-in-one-basket people either.

Base it on trophies.

The current system has too many flaws.

Trophies will eventually equal actual team strength. Fair and balanced.