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Okay ludia I’m just done and tired

I have spent the past 27mins restarting trying to battle crashing, freezing, restarting waiting. Like I can’t even go into the ai battle come on ludia I knew that the update would break some things but this is ridiculous I got one lost after 10 wins and then the game crashes and won’t let me battle it’s ridiculous is anyone else experiencing this problem

I have just been staring at this for half an hour and like nothing no battle and I leave restart the app and still the same


I have experienced this many times. It really kills the thrill of battling in the arena. Now my battling is really below casual when before it was highly casual.

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Honestly like why would you want to keep playing a game who crashes every three battles

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Idk what to tell you. I hardly battle to begin with, although sometimes it works just fine. Which brings me to the question, could it be your connection? Just some deduction

Nope have very good WiFi I mean I play a lot of other online games, and even better unlimited 4G data so I don’t think it’s that plus this has been happening way more than usual as of the update

Oh ok maybe too much cloud cover? I know in the event of overcast, the signal is weaker

True could be but still like not even the ai battles work and I did a strike event and it just crashed on me so yup everything is fiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeeeee​:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Your sarcasm is showing :joy:

Yup but still this first started in 1.10 and now it’s worse in 1.11 so um @Ned or anyone do ya know if it’s a technical issue and if so then any updates if there will be a hit fix for it

I’m sorry you’re having these issues with the game, Bra_I_m_Dead_inside. If you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at with your device information and support key so our team can take a closer look and provide you with some troubleshooting?

It just poor game design. Too many things running in background. Phone needs to use more memory than for other games.


I have now thxs

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Battles time out idiotically often… and when you do get one you’re never sure if it’ll last till the end. I’ve lost 4 matches today (got only 10 over the entire day!) just by timeouts restarting the game just gave me the “closeup” or battle without possibility to select a move. It’s dreadful


I’ve had a couple battles drop on me since the update. If I restart, I just go back into the battle with zero health for a while until the game decides to finally give me the loss.


I haven’t had this timeout issues in a long time, but they occurred again yesterday. After about one and a half hour later it worked fine again.

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Whatever, the matchmaking is rigged anyway.

Happened again got one battle after N hour and now it won’t let me battle

Yes it’s really terrible. Game constantly timing you out, freezing, giving you like one battle an hour when you are restarting the app constantly. Hard to keep incubators running when the game is unplayable. Every single one of my other mobile games works on both data and wifi; this game doesn’t run on either.

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