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Okay ludia pls explain swaps and turns

So was was about to kills erlidom this was on my last turn of my ES it hit me I dodge (ps it cloaked before I dodged so I went after) yet when He ran it went into a draco so logically since I haven’t gone yet it’s still turn three right? RIGHT? Nope it killed me my dodge disappeared and I was just lunch for that rat.

This also has happened with my stegos shield, and trykos invincibility before when I got after a Dino. So can someone explain how this works

I feel your pain man. This has happened to me with my Indo Gen 2 and Indo Gen 1. Even with a nerf to the Rat it is still a pain. Not meaning to go off topic, I have faced many Monostegos that come in to do their stupid prancy stun move and then immediately go for dig in to cleanse the Lockdown and then swap out. It is as if they found another dino to spam in arena


There’s multiple threads on this very topic. Some of it is debatable, and Ludia have never made clarifications. If this post is addressed to the Devs, I hope they clear it up, but based on precedent, I doubt they will.
If it’s addressed to the mods,… I doubt they’d be any more knowledgeable on this matter than the rest of us.

Sorry to tell you this Bra, but when an enemy uses a “strike and swap” move, that move counts as the turn. Then if a Draco gets the swap in, then it’s swap in attack counts as hitting on the new turn. Messed up, I know.


My explanation is that evasion moves’ turns are counted based on your opponent’s dinos’ actions. Basically the same way Shields work.

For example if you use Shielding Strike/Deliberate Prowl against a faster opponent, after your opponent has used their turn, the shield/evasion will lasts until after your opponent makes their next move.

You could argue that the shield/evasion isn’t actually waiting for your opponent to make their next move, but for your own dino to make it’s next move, but that can easily be proven false: use a Shielding Strike against a slower creature, after you’ve been slowed by Superiority Strike.
My recommendation is to use it in Campaign under the “Fierce creatures” section (facing opponents of defensive disposition). There’s a stage where you face an Apatosaurus and Parasaurolophus, and Para is perfect for this, since it goes SS-Impact and run, meaning the order will go: you use Shielding Strike, opponent uses SS, opponent uses Impact-and-run, you use Shielding Strike, then you use some other move, but the shield still stays until Para/Apato hits it.

In the OP’s scenario, because Strike-and-run was used, you’ve already been hit once, counting as 1 turn, then SI-Savagery hits again, counting as a second turn. You might say that hit-and-run run moves are overpowered for allowing the opponent to get 2 turns, if the next creature has an SIA, but you’d have to take that up with Ludia. That has always been the point of hit-and-run moves anyway. It’s intended.

Like I said, it’s debatable that Ludia should word some of the move descriptions better, and the word “turn” could be replaced by “action” or “move” in some places, but Ludia has never responded to these queries.

In case you’re curious, there is evidence suggesting all SIAs are counted as separate turns anyway. We’ve discussed this before on the other threads.


Definitely right. If the run attack goes 2nd in the turn, then the swapped in attack happens next turn. I’ve seen it with Tryko for instance: The invincibility shield stops the run attack, but not the swap in attack