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Okay ludia this is on you

Was gonna counter this Thor sure marsupial would die but Thor would have gone down with it but

this happened it foze I lost my counter to Thor and I lost so ya thxs

Arena’s cracking down again. I’ve reinstalled the game and got a few matches and now I get time out again. Even the AI times out. Freaking AI always going to the bathroom and stuff…


Another one

And another one

It’s soooo annoying!
The timee will be within a few seconds of showing the battle AI option…but it will then connect an opponent…but the next screen will run the timer down too and the “match has timed out” message will pop up. And matchmaking is still gosh darn awful.

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Yeah this has been happening to me too.

Had similar and lost a pile of trophies. Reported and Ludia suggested “reinstalling the game”. Mmm hmmmm. Quality support right there. Screw the lost trophies, just reinstall and try again. If you lose more trophies after that just reinstall again. Ya. Very good.

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