Okay mods, a little presentation to show Ludia on our be half the failure of boots

Welcome to a small little topic and it’s on boosts! :partying_face:

Now now now before you click it cause your probably like UgH aNoThEr IdIoT cOmPlAiNiNg AbOuT BoOsTs Ohhh boohooo!

This is not going to be complaining this is a statement facts, proof on why this system is flawed not matter how much you try to fix it and only taking them out ( buuut welll we sold them for 47 days we can’t take them back now: yes you can refund them in bucks, incubators, scents, even coin for all I care just figure out something to comphisate for it) is the way to fix the game, anyway on to the part one

1.) Speed

Next to rarity and lvls, speed is one of the if not the most important balancing aspect of your game ludia, this determines who beats what, how to beat something and how good it’s stats can be:

Ex: Thor; chomper: high damage, medium health; low speed to balance out its damage and attack since any faster and it be OP

Erlikospyx: high damage, low health, fast speed to comphisate for its low health since if it were any slower it’s would suck

Gorgosuchus: medium health, highish attack; medium speed to balance out its average stats while not making it op or trash

Stegodeus: high health, medium attack; low speed to be a weakness to that large health and kit

You learn to memorize and know the speed of different dinos so the player knows what can or can’t counter it by going first or which you can slow or distract so you can beat them or what to swap and win

Erlidom< quetzerion

Thor< Utarinex

Gorgosuchus< Indoraptor

grypolth < Thylacotator

Now what was the line you used ohhh ya:
Ever wanted your Tyrannosaurus Rex to be faster than a Velociraptor? Would you like to increase the health of that creature with a Swap in Ability? Well now you can, thanks to Stat Boosts!

Really did you actually READ WHAT YOU WERE SAYING?! cause translation would be: ( and I this is in middle school language do I don’t offend anyone)

Have you ever wanted to screw the systems
We have had place since launch, to make your opponent’s counter to you completely worthless and easy to kill, did you also want make a tank that can take any hit well now you can with stat boosts!

This is the biggest problem with boost a Thor is always beaten by Utarinex but if that Thor is faster than it that can counter it at all. If a gorgosuchus is faster than an Indo the what are you supposed to do.

Speed is key to winning but when you don’t know what speed you’re opponents creatures are at how can you counter it how can you prepare? Answer you can’t you won’t know if you can beat how can you prepare against this.
image image image
image image image image image

2.) Health and Attack

Now this is another way boosts have literally destroyed the system see battle work ( cause I feel like you devs absolutely do not play the game so I have explain this) like this:

Players: choose dinos and both dinos come out

Fast Dino goes first; then second dinos goes

Etc until someone wins by defeating three of the opponents dinos, boom VICTORY ROYALE.

Now each lvl has exactly health and attack THAT EVERYONE Follows so you k ow what can and kill what, same level erlidoms can’t kill same lvl indos in one hit, and other examples but add boosts you get this
And this
image image image

Even one boost means that a creature can’t counter something since the counter Can survive its opponents usual tactics and can kill its counter can defeat it

  1. The list of enjoyment and actually trying new things.

Okay now this is from someone who recently started from scratch on a second account and also have heard from other who haven’t reached lvl 10

This is something we older lvl say 15-20 haven’t noticed but that fact is with boost getting higher in the arena I’d say is literally harder than getting a unique and or legendary hybrids, cause you have to choose your team and boost to rise to unlock dinos for arena incubators and for prizes. Yet even when you get new creatures that you have unlocked you can’t use them cause you probably boosted your current team too much so you have to either refund your boost which you only get half and test the new creatures out and if it doesn’t work you have to refund again to put it back on your old creatures or just continue to lvl up and boost your current team. This kill the fun when you basically forced to use boosts to win and you can’t try new creatures since they will be lower than you team

4.) paying to win:

The sale of boost have allowed people to boost one creature and creat whales :whale2: as we call them these whales have plagued since the first day boost we introduced. And you k so why this all started, you introduced boosts to be PURCHASABLE IN THE SHOP If it weren’t for this one aspect boost would probably but fun and interesting but noooo just had to make a profit off this. (Okay I’ll be serious) this make those who waste hundreds of dollars :dollar: rewarded by basically allowing them to beat everyone with one Dino or two. Compare that to those who earn boosts thru gameplay and battles it’s just ridiculous

Anyway take what you will but are my points right or wrong

  • There right
  • There wrong
  • Kinda

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Ps this took two hours to type


Any points I missed or examples/ experiences you like to share leave them below

Ya just choose a different one

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I voted kinda because it’s they’re - you used there… I cannot support that.


:joy::rofl: sorry a bit tired and autocorrect on iPhone loves to change words for me


I agree with it!

I would love to add some new creatures to my team, but all my Creatures are “boosts” and this prevents me from using new creatures…


Well, to be honest, they only need to do one thing and the boost problem will probably be fixed.
As of now each dino has a cap of 30 boosts at lvl 30.
All they have to do is lower that cap at 15, so it wont be as hard to achieve for everyone, and will also not discourage someone from swapping a current member of his team for a new one.
That will also prevent people from boosting speeds to absurd levels, as they will essentially have to give up too much on the HP and Attack departments to do so.


But then again it also varies between class so again boosts not matter what just make the game broken or at least scuffed

Lol, none of the screenshots are that crazy. 2000 attack is ok.


:rofl:( characters)

Yeah, all these look like unboosted to me as well! :joy:

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I honestly don’t wanna know what type guys must fight on a daily bases😅

Is actually that bad?

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Gimme some minutes to find some ss


Totally agree with the original post, boosts but more specifically SPEED are throwing the careful EX-balance system out the window, those Thors or other chompers as you said, are supposed to be slow…you cant have something with 40% crit and a 3k boosted base attack going first over a speedster, its not supposed to work like that.

The delicate balance is supposed to be kept in check.


I have to make ss from the videos i ve recorded but there is one… not as op as most of them


Excuses while I vomit :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

oh lord that disgusts me so much

Yeah I literally felt a sickening jolt inside my gut (like when you step on a Lego…damn kid).

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Change that d before a snitch gets ya