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Okay now that the event is over

Just asking out loud here but does anyone have monolorhino just asking cause I really wanna see it

  • Yes
  • No
  • Close
  • Haven’t started fusing

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My rhino will be 20 today but it’s in a sanctuary so I can’t level up. Then the long road of 200 dna per fuse for a 10 in fuses begins.

Not over yet. Still have 4 attempts.

rhino is lvl 17 and got 0 from incubators this week so yeah, good luck trying to make him xd

I’ve got a bajillion monolometrodon DNA but the unique is soo blah that I don’t have any incentive to Go for the rhino. darted all mammoth this time

I don’t get why the options of “No” and “Haven’t start fusing”, but anyways…

I haven’t start fusing… And never gonna, if it keeps being the crap that it is.

I have monolometrodon at level 20 but i got no chance to dart more woolly rhino, so it will take long time for me to get all dna from sanctuary to level up woolly rhino.

Erlikospyx is a better monolorhino, can distract, bleed, and even hit through cloak.

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lol honestly but it’s not immune but I put the around the same level it is basically like you said spxs but a tank (well it was going to be that until ludia :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: that up)

Woah wait @Minos yay actually have it mate

No is basically not even close to start creating it, and haven’t started is meaning you got everything ready just not fused yet.

I have not even met rhino in the wild yet. :frowning:

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Well ya cause it’s incubators locked

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Oh dang it. I said “haven’t started fusing” when I should have said “no”. Yeah, I’m nowhere near close enough to fuse - my rhino is only level 12. Looooong way to go.

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Hahaha still got a long road ahead of me… let’s hope Ludia is kind enough to give us another Rhino event in the future…