Okay, That's It


I’ve been dealt with this glitch for several Updates now. I was hoping it was already acknowledged and fixed, but apparently not the case.

My game shuts down whenever I move too fast in the map or if I tap the screen too fast. It could be on accident or on purpose, but the game would then crash and I have to restart it all over again.

This is a problem because two years ago, I was able to tap repeatedly and everything would be fine. This is impeding on my collection speed, and it shuts down whenever I’m trying to collect my weekly mission rewards. It’s very disheartening and irritating that I have to restart my game about 6 times and take 10 minutes just to do something that should take 5, all just because I accidentally tapped my screen twice in rapid succession.

Hey Dinobai18, may I ask if you had contacted our support team regarding this issue? Our team would definitely want to take a closer look into this. :mag:

If you haven’t contacted our team, could you please email them at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information?


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