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Okay titans uprising devs


i think that we should know when the events will be in rotation I mean, we know that the toothless event is already going on and we all want to unlock him(namely us diehard httyd fans!!!) , but with all the anticipated special dragons that are coming out like Hookfang, are we only gonna see the toothless quest in another 3 months or something. i think that if that is going to happen, the devs should really try to only introduce about 4 of those dragons that need trust points until they finish the arenas and keep those four in rotation so that we can actually get those dragons without waiting months for a certain dragon to come back in rotation for trust points, especially since they are 1000 trust points for each. If anyone agrees with the idea please tell me so below!!!.

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There are 8 confirmed event dragons, so if they continue the current pattern of 10 days of an event followed by 4 days of “rest”, it would be nearly 4 months before the next Toothless event occurs.


exactly right, 4 months, i think they should really stick to 4 dragons until they get the arenas and clans done!!!


My bad. I miscounted. There are 9. For the full list, see:

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Hey Vikings,

Thank you for all the feedback! I’m working hard with the Devs to provide the Community some sort of event calendar (if possible) so that you can anticipate and plan for each event. Hopefully I have some good news to share soon!

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@Marcus thank you so much! :smiley: If possible do you think you could tell us how the events are going to work? Like are they going to start being 1 right after another or is it going to be an event, wait a week, event?

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One thing to please consider is that the events really disrupt our use of energy since it recharges so slowly and players must budget it carefully. If the events are constant or near-constant and nothing changes with the energy, we’ll have to make impossible choices between doing the event quest and other activities. The events also slow down chest completion like crazy

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@Marcus thx for informing us :), also I totally agree with @Dot_Gale, holy moly the energy consumption has to change somehow, i mean 1 energy every 10 minutes!!!, an hour = 6 energy like come on, i suggest something like lowering the energy cost for the events, especially since there are 10 quests and literally like 75 energy to complete the whole thing. they should really change the first few ones to 4 energy and then 5 and 6 energy and then the last one should be 10 energy, that way it would be at least 3 hours worth of energy less.


also,@LightFury, I thought the events were exactly what they said, something that will appear again in future and will not be a one-off thing, but if its 4 months then the dragons really aren’t worth grinding unless u do it in one go, cause 4 months is way too long and if event dragons are being released every week, then every event dragon, if it is 9 confirmed to be in rotation, it will take me personally 1 year to get toothless since I am going to end up with about 350 trust points every time he is in rotation.


It’s 72 energy actually. It was 65 energy for my event, with the energy cost pattern you’ve described. (3 x 4 energy, 3 x 5 energy, 3 x 6 energy, 1 x 10 energy)


They might have trust points as arena rewards or something? There are 9 confirmed event dragons, so yeah, it would be nice to see some other sources of trust points added.


yeah, maybe they could implement the system of collecting all trust points together to make it so that we can choose what dragon we spend the trust points on when we reach 1000 total trust points, i think that this way, people will have a much faster time getting trust points since it is a collected about of trust points and not for every individual event dragon


I have no details just yet. Will share once I know more!


OK thanks @Marcus :smiley:

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